Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The day after tomorrow, the British people will give to the world their view of the European Union. Yesterday, a pharmacology publication, Drug Target Review, to which I subscribe, asked a group of life scientists, including myself, to offer ours (Figure 96.1). I have published a selection of replies (Figure 96.2 & 96.3).

Figure 96.1: The full list of replies can be found at

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Figure 96.2: I suspect that most of the views have come from non-British scientists.

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Figure 96.3: Thank you, Professor.

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Without being disrespectful to my own branch of work, the future of life sciences is of microscopic importance compared with the major political issues. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-) had it right: why has the EU leadership been so keen to recreate, with all its failings, the old USSR?

With or without the UK, the EU will one day implode, as all such vainglorious empires do. I have been willing it to happen ever since I read Margaret Thatcher’s seminal ‘Bruges Speech’ 28 years ago. When it does, the pan-European relief will be as palpable as when the Berlin wall was torn down – and millions of ordinary individuals will ask themselves: ‘How did we come to be hoodwinked and subjugated for so long?’

Let us Brits bring forward that day. Vote LEAVE.

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