Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bold Dogs Indeed

Take a look at the picture below (Figure 97.1). There is nothing fake about it.

Figure 97.1: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it E.T. going home?

Copyright © 2016 Paul Spradbery

If I zoom in a little (Figure 97.2), you can see man and machine with greater clarity.

Figure 97.2: No, it is a member of the Bolddog Display Team.

Copyright © 2016 Paul Spradbery

Freestyle Motocross (FMX) is one of the most recent examples of extreme sports. Throughout the summer, across the UK and Europe, three intrepid riders (from Norfolk, England) are on tour, entertaining the public by jumping 25-yard (23-metre) gaps while performing mid-air stunts and tricks. I witnessed one of their many shows last week. Sponsored by Honda, ‘those magnificent men in their flying machines’ have been honing their FMX skills for more than twenty years. There is little I can add to the photographs below (Figures 97.3, 97.4, 97.5, 97.6 & 97.7).

Figures 97.3, 97.4, 97.5 & 97.6: Each stunt is more incredible than the previous one. I could not help but wonder just how many of their practice sessions went wrong.

Copyright © 2016 Paul Spradbery

Figure 97.7: Full details of Bolddog history and current schedule can be found at

Copyright © 2016 Paul Spradbery

Copyright © 2016 Paul Spradbery

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