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Second Civil War (Antebellum)

It has been pointed out to me that this is only the second article of this year. No, I am not stuck for something to write, nor losing interest in doing so. The previous article, 9/11: The Silent Witnesses, prompted a larger email response than all my other 118 articles combined, and I have spent hours, week after week since January, answering questions and exchanging views and ideas with people from across the world, mainly the USA. Being British, I suppose it was inevitable that some correspondents would raise the subject of the so-called ‘7/7’ bombings, which took place in London in 2005, asking whether I believed this to have been a similar ‘false flag’ event. Very well; I’ll bite. Having seen some of the forensic evidence, it is clear that 7/7 was an inside job, but I would prefer to summarize my case another day.

I should like, instead, to refer back to Article 96, which I compiled on 21st June, 2016, just two days prior to the UK’s referendum on whether it should leave or remain in the EU. Having been a ‘Eurosceptic’ since my student days (see Article 31), I unhesitatingly voted Leave. When the result was announced, on the 24th, pleasing though it was, I reckoned that the battle to break free from EU authority had only just begun – and it would inevitably be long, uphill, into the wind and conceivably bloody.

The decisive Leave victory was an eye-watering kick in the balls for the British Establishment. Since 1993, when the EU came into being, following the Maastricht Treaty (1992), all major political parties in the UK have been its willing puppets. True, the Conservative party’s grassroots have since been strongly Eurosceptic, but its post-Maastricht prime ministers, Major (1992-7) and Cameron (2010-6), passively accepted EU diktat. The Conservatives’ mantra, ‘in Europe, but not run by Europe’, was never more than a disingenuous sop to its increasingly anti-EU rank and file.

Before the political dam threatened to break, Cameron offered an ‘in-or-out’ referendum to the British people, having assumed that, however strongly Eurosceptic we had become, inertia would prevail and we would never summon the courage to vote to leave. Despite Cameron’s (taxpayer-funded) propaganda (Figure 120.1), deservedly dismissed as ‘Project Fear’, but delivered to every British home prior to the poll, his gamble backfired. Cameron resigned as prime minister the next day, but the Establishment’s efforts to reverse the people’s decision began immediately thereafter.

Figure 120.1: This infamous leaflet was the centrepiece of the Cameron government’s shameless propaganda drive, designed to convince the British people that a Leave vote would unleash immediate economic catastrophe. None of it has come to pass.

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Step One was to install another pro-EU stooge as Cameron’s replacement. Enter, without even a party ballot, the inept Theresa May, a remainer masquerading to the nation as a Brexiteer (Figure 120.2). Whether a consequence of her innate stupidity, or something even less forgivable – perfidiousness – ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ offered near-limitless concessions to the EU’s grateful negotiators and did her best to serve up the UK’s sovereignty and national interests on a Brexit-shaped plate. The ‘deal’ that she presented to her Cabinet, and subsequently Parliament, had been prepared word-for-word by the unelected EU Commission, and was arguably the most one-sided international document – a treaty, in fact – since Versailles (1919) (Figure 120.3).

Figure 120.2: (Former) Prime Minister Theresa May, flanked by other hardline Remainers, David Lidington (left) and Philip Hammond (right), epitomized intellectual dishonesty by doing everything possible to stymie the very policy (Brexit) that they had been elected to implement.

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Figure 120.3: Greek politician Yanis Varoufakis (1961-), who has first-hand experience in dealing with the EU, described Theresa May’s ‘deal’ as something that ‘a nation signs only after having been defeated at war’.

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By serendipity more than anything else, Parliament rejected the execrable offering three times. Had the imbecilic May not botched her 2017 General Election campaign, resulting in a ‘hung’ (non-majority) parliament, her inescapable ‘Surrender Treaty’ might now be in effect.

After three years spent deviously striving to thrust a humiliating ‘Brexit-in-name-only’ onto the British people, the stroppy, self-pitying May was belatedly booted out of office.

Her replacement, Boris Johnson, was elected by the party members, but only after he had promised unequivocally that the UK would leave the EU, come what may, last week. Not only did Johnson break his word into 17,410,742 pieces, but he had the audacity to re-present the bulk of May’s abominable agreement and advocate its immediate acceptance. Parliament, mercifully, saw through his outrageous deception, rejected it and agreed to another General Election, to be held next month.

Three-and-a-half years have passed since we voted to leave the EU. Our parliamentary representatives have spent that entire time trying to prostrate the country at the feet of an unaccountable foreign bureaucracy, while simultaneously claiming that they are respecting democratic public will and reasserting national independence.

Of all the political parties contesting next month’s poll, only one respects the outcome of the largest democratic exercise ever conducted in British history. It is the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage. All the others – Conservative, Labour, Scottish Nationalist, Welsh Nationalist, Green, Monster Raving Loony and Liberal Democrats – are mere Establishment tools who believe that British sovereignty should be sacrificed to a corrupt, antidemocratic supranational regime which calls itself ‘The European Union’.

Vote Brexit Party on 12th December (Figure 120.4).

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Figure 120.4: The link below references Boris Johnson’s ‘Surrender Treaty 2.0’. Its potential consequences should alarm all self-respecting Brits.

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