Monday, June 28, 2021

Proof: COVID-19 Mortality Data Fraud

Three articles in consecutive days is a first for me. I felt there was good enough reason.

All thinking individuals should by now have suspected that COVID-19 death statistics have been documented fraudulently. To be brief: 

(1) ‘COVID’ deaths are predicated on a positive PCR test within the preceding 28 days. Therefore, if a healthy person tests positive and dies, for example, in a road accident 27 days later, it is counted as a ‘COVID’ death.

(2) PCR is not a diagnostic test for infection or illness, and the SARS-CoV-2 test protocol produces a false-positive rate of 90 to 97%. Lateral flow tests are, to put it politely, a biochemical joke.

(3) Hospitals have been discouraged from testing for influenza, despite many signs and symptoms being common and commensurate with those of COVID-19.

(4) Many hospitals and care homes have been financially rewarded for listing patient deaths as ‘COVID’.

(5) Postmortem examinations have not routinely been performed.

Conclusion: The number of ‘COVID’ deaths has been deliberately and grossly exaggerated.

This morning, I received an email from a toxicologist friend who works at the Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon). I had been expecting to hear from him since last week. The attached document is a recent judgement from the Portuguese Tribunal Administrativo de Circulo de Lisboa (Administrative Court). Following a ‘Freedom of Information’ request, the Court had been obliged to supply verified COVID-19 mortality data – in other words, the actual number of deaths from viral illness, as opposed to those following a positive PCR test.

The results were a shock but not a surprise. From January 2020 to April 2021, despite the official figure of 17,000 ‘COVID’ deaths claimed by the Portuguese government, the true figure turns out to be a mere 152. That is, only 0.9% of registered ‘COVID’ deaths were genuine. A staggering 99.1% were, therefore, fraudulent (Figure 166.1).

Figure 166.1: These data were extracted from the Sistema de Informação dos Certificados de Óbito (Death Certificate Information System). The full official Court documentation can be found at:

Copyright © 2021 Sistema de Informação dos Certificados de Óbito 

Given that the PCR test protocol has been adopted worldwide, it is, therefore, highly likely that this huge discrepancy correlates closely with data for other countries. There is no reason to suppose otherwise. The great COVID deception is thus laid bare. This represents not only fraud of an unprecedented magnitude but also a crime against humanity.

It is to be expected that similar evidence from many other countries will come to light in the coming months. I should not hesitate to publish it at El Escritor Inglés and damn the consequences. One day, I hope to revert to writing about many other subjects – nature, books, cricket, music and vintage cars. However, whether the old normal returns or is already long gone, I must earn the right to look my children in the eyes and assure them that I did all I could to expose this truly evil plan designed to strip them of their freedom forever.

Copyright © 2021 Paul Spradbery

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Occam’s Quicksand

Well, that poked a hornet’s nest. I logged on this morning to discover a plethora of emails, almost all reacting to yesterday’s article, Time Will Tell. 63% were sceptical (9% extremely so), while the other 37% gave rational reasons, some in impressive detail, why the contents, although shocking, were not beyond possibility. Thank you, all.

So, who is correct?

The published screenshots were purportedly excerpts from a memorandum written, on 14th June, by Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London, to the other main players in the UK’s coronavirus fraud. Was the memorandum genuine? Was it satire? Or was it the work of malicious extremists? Imperial College has denied all involvement. (Well, it would, wouldn’t it?) In order to reduce the risk of arriving at wayward conclusions, the following must be considered:

i) Ferguson, in particular, has a disgusting history of scaremongering and being hopelessly unscientific with his epidemiological voodoo modelling. It is as if he is given a predetermined conclusion, to which he then strives to fit his convoluted, GIGO calculations. (GIGO, by the way, is a term used by computer software writers: garbage in  garbage out.) Nonetheless, his reputation has never been brought into question by government. Why not?

ii) Funding sources, of Ferguson, and Imperial College in general, have not been investigated with regard to potential or actual conflict of interest. Why not?

iii) Predictions and projections made by the other players – namely Michie, Whitty, Vallance and Van Tam – have not been properly peer-reviewed prior to public broadcast. Many have been shown to be distortions and outright lies. These ‘experts’ have never taken part in open scientific debate with opponents and sceptics. (I would jump at the chance.) Why not?

Regarding the past eighteen months:

iv) Small businesses have been either crippled or destroyed by perpetual lockdowns and other restrictions. Corporations, on the other hand, have profited like never before. Is this mere coincidence? Surely, from now on, no rational entrepreneur will risk investing capital knowing that politicians could pull the rug without reason or warning. Hence, avaricious corporations – media, pharma and tech – are set to become invincible.

v) An estimated 20,000 to 50,000 British people have died prematurely as a consequence of withdrawn or postponed diagnosis and treatment of, for example, cancer. What is this, if not a crime against humanity?

vi) The fatality rate of COVID has, in spite of a fraudulent PCR test protocol, been accepted by the World Health Organization to be a mere 0.15%, not statistically different from that of seasonal flu. This, alongside the fact that there has been no excess overall mortality worldwide, proves that there has been no viral pandemic.

vii) Science has been distorted to mislead the public, particularly with regard to the never-ending river of viral ‘variants’ and a devious implication that increased viral transmissibility equates to increased lethality. (The opposite is true.)

viii) Draconian, antisocial, antiscientific measures imposed by government on the British population have led to bizarre instances of: hillwalkers surveilled by police drones; householders warned not to sit in their own front gardens; lone sunbathers arrested in public parks; rail passengers manhandled by police despite having legitimate reasons for not wearing face masks; government ministers openly advocating a system of ‘medical apartheid’, where only ‘vaccinated’ individuals would be entitled to basic services; along with an outrageous degree of 24/7 coercion regarding so-called ‘vaccines’.

Therefore, it would be weak to argue, from nothing more than personal incredulity, that surreal restrictions to everyday life could not be extended, compounded or made permanent. Send in Big Brother? Dont bother; he is already here.

Examining the main points of the memorandum:

ix) Are the summer ‘variants’ simply ‘a re-branding of Hay Fever’? Citing hay fever symptoms might be yet another manipulative way to convince healthy people to take PCR tests on a frequent basis and thereby inflate the number of recorded ‘cases’. As in Thailand and many US states, once the PCR testing stops, so does the ‘pandemic’.

x) Former Pfizer Vice-President Dr Mike Yeadon has reported that medical diagnostics facilities have been recruiting extra laboratory staff in preparation for the next full lockdown, so it is perfectly logical to suggest that social and economic straitjackets are already primed to be tightened further.

xi) Huge anti-lockdown protests and the Euro 2020 football tournament could provide government with convenient ammunition to claim that such mass gatherings of people disobeying rules’ have precipitated the spread of ‘deadly variants’.

xii) Online censorship has already become rampant. There is no reason to believe that it will abate, and, by so doing, allow the light of truth to disinfect people’s minds.

xiii) ‘Stay At Home Bracelets’ might appear to be the most far-fetched aspect of the memorandum. Could these be enforceable by emergency law?

xiv) Prototypes entitled ‘The Capital Variant’, ‘The Dorset Variant’ and ‘The Border Variant’ could realistically be invented and subsequently announced to the public, mass travel being given as the reason for their purported emergence.

The public is, to some extent, waking up to the biggest fraud in history. Will enough awaken quickly enough? I am not so sure. Many individuals lack the critical faculty, not to mention advanced scientific knowledge, to differentiate facts from propaganda. They cannot, therefore, tell when they are being lied to. Moreover, many are either too proud, stubborn or embarrassed to address the suggestion that they have been duped from the very beginning.

Fundamentally, it seems to me that humans in general cannot really disentangle multiple levels of misdirection. This is something of which sophisticated propagandists are acutely aware. The tragic consequence of this phenomenon, coupled with intellectual laziness, is that the majority will believe a simple lie rather than the complex truth. Blind acceptance and acquiescence consume far less mental energy than does digging like a dog.

Since I began writing this article, the stream of emails has become torrential. I admit, the memorandum does seem outrageous – or, rather, it would in normal times, but these are not. As I wrote yesterday evening, time will tell whether (any or all of) the points contained in the memorandum come true. By next month, we shall know whether suspicions are misplaced or Ferguson et al. really are as repulsively conniving as I already believe them to be.

Copyright © 2021 Paul Spradbery

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Time Will Tell

Since March of last year, most of the articles have centred on the ongoing coronavirus fraud. Naturally, emails have poured forth, mostly supportive, some curious but sceptical, and a few containing nothing but brainless abuse. Furthermore, being a scientist, I have preferential access to the most recent research literature. There are not enough hours in each day to read what I receive.

As with all evidential findings, it is wise to check veracity before referring to material that might be factually incorrect, too far fetched or libellous. Anything else is, to my mind, fair game. If I am proven wrong, then I should be happy (and extremely relieved) to admit it, openly and without delay. Regardless, right or wrong, I would never set out to deceive.

The following memorandum (Figures 164.1, 164.2 & 164.3) was sent to me an hour ago. I know and trust the individual who sent it. Still, it is so shocking, I was compelled to think carefully before deciding to disclose it. I accept that it might be false, prepared by someone out of mischief or malice; but what if it proves, incredibly, to be real? The memorandum refers to specific dates, the first of which is 15th July (of this year). By then – assuming that the article is not censored in the meantime –  its exact relationship to the truth will have become clear.

Figures 164.1, 164.2 & 164.3: If this content seems too surreal, then please consider it in the context of the extent to which life has changed since last year. Basic human liberty has been curtailed in an unprecedented fashion. Who am I to dismiss the notion that the measures taken to date are just the beginning?

(Some sections are, clearly, incomplete. For this I can only apologize.)

Copyright unknown

Tick tock.

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

White Stork, Dark Days

There are no forbidden questions in science, no matters too sensitive or delicate to be probed, no sacred truths. Thus spoke the American astrophysicist Carl Sagan (1934-96) in his 1995 book, The Demon-Haunted World. Were he still alive, he would doubtless be true to his own philosophy. Moreover, he would be alarmed by the pathological extent to which rational inquiry is currently being censored and suppressed.

I spent yesterday afternoon in the heart of the English countryside. The warmth, sunshine and incessant birdsong provided a welcome antidote to the relentless COVID lies and propaganda spewing from the mouths of mendacious politicians and media misinformants. While walking along a lakeside dingle, my son noticed a white stork perched on a broken tree branch. As it sat there, motionless, in profile, I took out my phone and photographed it ... at the very moment that it spread its wings and took off across the water (Figure 163.1). It was a magnificent spectacle, particularly as white storks have only recently begun breeding in England again, after a hiatus of six hundred years.

Figure 163.1: The white stork (Ciconia ciconia) measures approximately 100-115 cm from beak tip to end of tail, with a 155-215 cm wingspan. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is the partial black colouration of its wings.

Copyright © 2021 Paul Spradbery

As was entirely predictable, the UK’s ‘Freedom Day’, 21st June, is about to be postponed for yet another few weeks. That same ‘just-a-few-more-weeks’ carrot has been dangled in front of the noses of the British public for more than a year now. The government’s nefarious strategy must be clear even to the most gullible: basic freedoms will be withheld from the people until everyone has succumbed to the COVID ‘vaccine’. Impfung macht frei!

Such insistence is both scientifically illiterate and highly dangerous. Vaccination is never indicated for those at negligible risk, which includes almost everyone who does not have serious underlying health issues. Most disturbingly, as the Manic Street Preachers once warned: if you tolerate this, your children will be next. I believe that the government will pressurize parents to have their children injected by the autumn. Nothing could be more diabolical.

I am one of hundreds of thousands of scientists and medics clamouring for these deadly drugs to be withdrawn. We are, tragically, losing the battle; millions have already rolled up their sleeves. Every week, more evidence of such dangers becomes apparent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that fewer than 10% of serious adverse events (SAEs) are reported. In the UK alone, there have been 1,300 documented deaths immediately after injection. This means that the true figure could be 13,000 or even greater. Any other drug trial would have been terminated after only a fraction of such a mortality rate.

Last week, a biochemist friend, presently working in Japan, emailed to me a recent research paper. It was sponsored by Pfizer and submitted to the Japanese government. The results are terrifying and prove that the world-renowned Professor Sucharit Bhakdi was correct all along: the gene-based drugs ‘leak’. That is, genetic instructions to synthesize viral (spike) proteins will reach cells in every mammalian organ (Figures 163.2 & 163.3). It necessarily follows that immune cells known as killer T-lymphocytes will attack and destroy every cell that is immunologically ‘flagged’. The end result is multiple organ failure. Pfizer knew this all along!

Figures 163.2 & 163.3: Proof that SARS-CoV-2 gene-based drugs stimulate viral antigen synthesis in all mammalian organs.

Copyright © 2021 Pfizer Inc.

Other proven serious risks include infertility, cancer, blood-clotting disorders and myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation). These are well known and can be understood by anyone who knows how to research and critique primary, peer-reviewed scientific literature. Of course, there will be no warnings by politicians or corporate media, whose strict objective is to keep the unthinking masses in the dark for as long as possible.

So many individuals remain oblivious to the fact that these gene-based drugs are unlicensed medical experiments. SAEs are systematically ignored by corporate media. Big Pharma have immunity from criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages, despite there having been neither pre-clinical trials nor standard tests on animals. The ‘guinea pigs’ are humans.

In the USA, in December of last year, a healthy, 30-year-old female nurse called Tiffany Pontes Dover was televised receiving her injection. She fainted minutes later and is believed to have died within weeks. (There remains some controversy regarding her death certificate.) The first British person to be injected, an 81-year-old man called William Shakespeare, died just months after his injection. (Given the mean mortality age ‘within 28 days of a positive PCR test’ of 82 years, old age by itself cannot be discounted.) Former world boxing champion ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler, 66 years old and supposedly healthy, passed away two weeks after his.

Figure 163.4: American nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover being injected live on television. Despite having neither been seen nor heard (on social media) for months, corporate ‘fact-checker’ web sites maintain, without a shred of proof, that she is alive and well.

Copyright © 2021 IB Times Co. Ltd

Of course, causation remains unproven in each case. Nonetheless, it would be negligent not to ask the forbidden question: did the drug contribute to these, and many more, sudden, premature deaths? The fact that the powers-that-be refuse either to acknowledge or investigate the possibility of drug-induced fatalities is ominous. Are there no mainstream journalists with the requisite integrity to ask an honest question? It would seem not – but why not?

At five o’clock yesterday afternoon, my son and I arrived home just in time to watch the Denmark versus Finland Euro 2020 match. After 42 minutes of the first half, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen fell to the ground and lay motionless. What followed was shocking: close-up footage of the stricken player being given cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on the pitch, while his distressed team-mates formed a human cordon around him (Figure 163.5). I counted the minutes and feared the worst. An hour passed before a statement was issued, reporting that Eriksen was awake and stable in a nearby Copenhagen hospital.

Figure 163.5: As one of the world’s most intelligent footballers, Christian Eriksen has been a personal favourite of mine for the past few years. Like all football nuts, I hope his recovery is rapid and complete, although I doubt that he will ever play again. Danish medical experts will work to determine the cause of Eriksens collapse. Whether their verdict is subsequently suppressed might well depend on its nature. 

Copyright © 2021 This Day Newspapers Ltd

The chief medic (and cardiologist) at Eriksen’s club, Inter Milan, had admitted, on Radio Sportiva, that the player had received the ‘vaccine’ just 12 days previously. (The radio station has since tried to backtrack.) Again, I would stress: cause and effect have not yet been established. However, I am certain that media will refuse to raise the perfectly legitimate question: did the drug, which is proven to have severely detrimental effects on the heart, contribute to Eriksen’s sudden collapse?

How many more unwitting individuals, many coerced, almost all misinformed, must risk death or serious debilitation at the hands of globalist psychopaths and their complicit political puppets? Malevolent individuals did not disappear after World War Two. They still exist, and their lust for control over humanity is unsatiated.

I think of the stork at the lake: a manifestation of rare beauty in a world brimming with evil.

Copyright © 2021 Paul Spradbery