Tuesday, December 27, 2022

No Mercy — Onward To Nuremberg

At the beginning of this year, I began Article 185, somewhat optimistically, with the words:

Let us all hope that 2022 will be the year when humanity continues to revert to its senses and rebels against the anti-scientific ‘COVID’ tyranny.

Well, there has been encouraging progress. More and more individuals are slowly realizing that ‘COVID’ was not a pandemic but an elaborate psy-op, contrived, as Bill Gates admitted, to inject every person on the planet, regardless of necessity (none), efficacy (none) or, most crucially, personal danger (no end of). If ‘booster’ uptake is a relevant marker, then Gates and his globalist bum-chums have lost this battle, along with any shreds of moral or intellectual credibility that they might previously have possessed.

I have fought my corner, albeit a relatively obscure one. Apart from the faithful followers of El Escritor Inglés, and fellow researchers interacting with me on scientific forums, my audience is small. What was always needed is for those with millions of eager devotees to wake up and rise up. This is, to my delight, beginning to happen.

For example, Oscar-winning American actor Tim Robbins (1958-) (Figure 214.1) is one of Hollywood’s most socially-aware individuals. A University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate, he has a multi-decade reputation for being thoughtful and articulate. He is, politically, of the left and has supported several high-profile causes throughout his career.

However, in a recent interview with the British comedian and social commentator Russell Brand (1975-), Robbins made a welcome admission. While hoodwinked and brainwashed by the fraudulent ‘COVID’ narrative, he became ‘tribal, angry, vindictive’ towards the ‘unvaccinated’.

Figure 214.1: Oscar-winner Tim Robbins sees the light.

Copyright © 2022 Russell Brand

I bought into it,’ Robbins admitted. ‘And I was masking everywhere. I was keeping my social distance so as adhering to the requests made of me. And I felt angry at people that didn’t do that.

Robbins was not alone. Millions throughout the world were duped into blaming the imposition of tyranny not on the perpetrators but on those of us who were wide awake and resisting it in brave defence of everyone, including Mr Robbins himself.

It wasn’t until I came to the UK in January of 2021 that I started to have questions,’ said Robbins. ‘I noticed a lot of people were not adhering again to these requests made by their government. And I thought, well, they’re going to have a hard day coming up, you know, that there will be some serious death here. And I kept my mask on and I kept adhering to the policies. But it wasn’t until much later that I started to have questions.

‘When I saw that there wasn’t a huge death rate in Britain after I had witnessed personally what it was happening, I started to wonder more and more about what we were being told and whether it was true or not. And so it took a while for me to speak about it.

‘I began to educate myself, and I began to open my mind to what was going on.’

In my view, Robbins deserves credit for his contrition and humility. He had looked — belatedly — beyond the propaganda, asked himself honest questions and, finally, gone public with the only rational conclusions. Even so, how much applause is he due? Should he be welcomed with open arms into the Wide Awake Club or publicly derided for initially advocating a vile persecution of the thinking minority? It is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, his initial views might have fortified the fraud in the minds of others; conversely, his Damascene conversion is a substantial boon to the cause of worldwide liberty.

Prominent medical practitioners, too, are finally opening their eyes. In Australia last week, former federal Member of Parliament, and Australian Medical Association president, Dr Kerryn Phelps (1957-) (Figure 214.2), spoke out about ‘devastating vaccine injuries’ suffered by her patients, her partner and herself. Dr Phelps also confirmed that the rate of serious adverse events is systematically underreported, owing to censorship and threats to medical professionals.

Figure 214.2: Dr Kerryn Phelps (left) with her partner, Jackie Stricker

Copyright © 2022 Dylan Robinson

The same question, however, applies: should Dr Phelps be applauded for her honesty and newly-discovered insight, or does she stand eternally culpable for the inevitable deaths and injuries suffered by those who were guided by her original, misinformed, pro-‘vaccine’ advice?

Perhaps the most notable mea culpa has come from Professor Emily Oster (1980-) (Figure 214.3), of Brown University, Rhode Island, USA. An economist, albeit with no scientific credentials, this professor has been slated far and wide for calling for an amnesty for all those who imposed or advocated the draconian ‘COVID’ mandates. Does this naïve academic honestly believe that the millions of innocent people who have been crippled physically, financially, socially, educationally and psychologically, based on a monstrous pack of lies, are going to forgive and forget — or that they should?

Figure 214.3: Professor Emily Oster might have just let the cat out of the bag.

Copyright © 2022 TED Conferences, LLC

Professor Oster ought to be reminded that an amnesty — for anything — is something that is proposed by the victims of injustice, not a ruse suggested by the perpetrators or their agents. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that so much vitriol has been thrown in her direction. If I had a drop to spare, I would join the bombardment.

I wonder, though, why she made this deeply offensive suggestion in the first place. Is she trying to save her own skin, following her initial support of ‘COVID’ tyranny? Is she clumsily testing the water, perhaps as a spokesperson for those higher up?

Whatever she is thinking, only those guilty of wrongdoing beg for mercy. There must be none shown — no amnesty, no forgiving and no forgetting. All those involved in this unparalleled crime against humanity must stand trial in a legitimate court of law — i.e. Nuremberg 2.0.

2022 witnessed the truth being told. There must be justice in 2023.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Another Fukushima Explodes

On 11th March, 2011, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a major nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, Japan. This was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan — until last week, when its namesake exploded in front of stunned Japanese public health officials and media.

Professor Masanori Fukushima is an infectious disease expert. Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, Japan, he has more than 25 years of experience in the field of oncology. As Director and Chairman of Japan’s Translational Research Informatics (TRI) Center, Professor Fukushima is a prominent government adviser. When he speaks, anyone with good sense listens.

The following video (Figure 213.1) features a blistering speech given by Professor Fukushima to Japanese Ministry of Health officials. Although it is presented with English subtitles, I would advise all not to mute the sound but to listen to the tone of his voice and the raw emotion he conveys alongside his vast scientific knowledge. In short, he is as angry as hell. He states explicitly that billions of lives could be in danger from the ‘COVID’ injections.

Perhaps most shockingly, he states:

So many vaccines have been administered. At the Ministry of Health that is waving the flag in encouragement, only 10% have been vaccinated. Is this a fucking joke?!

No, it is not. Politicians in many countries are conveniently exempt. They know the danger.

Figure 213.1: Professor Fukushima lets rip.

Copyright © 2022 Bright Light News

If, say, just one per cent of all medics and scientists were as brave, honest and principled as this eminent Japanese doctor, then the whole ‘COVID’ house of cards would collapse immediately. Some lives would be saved, perpetrators would be arrested and Nuremberg-style trials could be arranged. In Article 212, written five days ago, I referred to the fact that the UK’s Royal Society of Biology has not condemned the use of these lethal drugs. Whether its top officials are oblivious to the truth, or simply keeping their heads buried, I do not know. Either way, its stance is quite pathetic and I shall continue to refer to it.

Meanwhile, last Friday, the former Australian cricket captain, Ricky Ponting, 47 years old, was the latest in an ever-lengthening list of sports professionals to be admitted to hospital with acute cardiac pains. Three of Ponting’s international cricketing colleagues, namely Shane Warne, Andrew Symonds and Rod Marsh, ‘died suddenly and unexpectedly’ earlier this year.

Finally, last Saturday, at a not-so-famous sporting venue — Hayes Lane, home of Bromley Football Club in South London — the match between Bromley and Yeovil Town was abandoned after just 11 minutes, after a spectator ‘died suddenly and unexpectedly’.

Excess overall mortality, absent in ‘pandemic year’ (2020), is now at an unprecedented level (Figure 213.2).

Figure 213.2: Edward Dowd is a former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager. In this book, he examines the epidemic of sudden deaths in America. Early in 2021, he noticed a rise of news anecdotes about sudden deaths among very fit athletes and other seemingly healthy young people across the country. His thesis was simple: what changed in 2021? A mass vaccination campaign for ‘COVID’ was his conclusion. Throughout 2021 and 2022, Edward amassed evidence from the insurance industry, funeral home industry and government databases. Excessive deaths among working-age Americans have increased in 2021 versus 2020 when vaccines were not available. Equivalent data from many other countries tell the same chilling story.

Copyright © 2022 Edward Dowd

Irish-British statesman Edmund Burke (1729-97) wisely said:

‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Wise but illogical, I might add. Those that do nothing cannot be described as good.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Thursday, December 01, 2022

A ‘Groucho’ Club

I was elected to the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) on 1st July, 2022 (Figure 212.1). Of all the organizations that I have previously joined, only one membership has not lapsed, that of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, which is a family tradition dating back two centuries. I am, therefore, proud to be a Haberdasher and look forward to my sons becoming members in the near future. That said, I have never been a natural follower of anything or anyone.

Figure 212.1: RSB membership certificate

Copyright © 2022 Royal Society of Biology
Fair dealing asserted.

The RSB is a prestigious ‘club’. Electees must prove their contribution and ongoing commitment to the scientific method and an honourable pursuit of objective truth. The society offers advice, where appropriate, to government agencies. At a local level, there are fascinating research activities and opportunities coordinated by senior members. For example, I was looking forward to (my younger son and I) taking part in an electro-fishing session on a small river 30 miles from home. Given my everyday routine of micro-analysis in a research laboratory, I thought that some fresh air and dirty fieldwork would be beneficial. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Last month, I received an unexpected letter from the RSB’s top brass, which referred to my online comments and articles relating to ‘vaccinations’. (Here we go, I thought.) It was accompanied by a weasel word du jour, namely ‘misinformation’, which has yet to be defined by any of the censorship freaks that throw it around. Apparently, my views and public comments do not coincide with the ‘weight of opinion’; and it was, therefore, decided that I had ‘a case to answer’.

Not wishing to disappoint, I answered within the requested 14-day period, as follows:

Dear Dr -----,

Thank you for the attached correspondence, which I have read carefully and with interest.

First, I hereby agree to refrain from including ‘MRSB’ in anything I write, be it online or otherwise. Any existing references to the RSB will be erased as far as possible. I hope this is acceptable to you. That said, I have never referred to RSB membership as anything other than a simple statement of fact. Any views I express are wholly my own and offered in an intellectually honest manner. If any reader assumes that my views represent either the RSB as a whole or any other member, then that would be a lazy misconception. (Note that I have written ‘MRSB', not ‘RSB’.) There has never been, and never would be, any intent to mislead on my part. (If I had likewise correctly stated, for example, ‘University of Dundee alumnus’, then it would be presumptuous and irrational that my personal views should be taken to coincide with those of the institution itself.) I do, however, respect your original point.

Second, I have never discussed the merits or otherwise of ‘vaccinations’, not that it should be objectionable if I had. With reference to the ‘COVID’ drugs, it is well established that these are not vaccines at all. The fact that the WHO saw the urgency to redefine the word ‘vaccine’ is a testament to this sleight-of-hand.

My openly-stated views of these non-vaccines stem mainly from the following:

1. They have been inadequately tested. Novel drugs involve a decade of careful work. Research into reproductive toxicology, carcinotoxicity and genotoxicity, animal tests, medium and long-term clinical trials etc. were not carried out.  A paltry three months of ‘testing’ prior to universal rollout is ludicrously insufficient, from both safety and efficacy perspectives.

2. They provide neither significant prophylactic nor therapeutic benefit. ARR of, for example, the original Pfizer version, is a mere 0.84% — which explains why RRR values were widely publicized instead. This clearly constitutes ‘intent to mislead’.

3. In 1976, a swine flu vaccine was withdrawn completely following just 25 to 50 subsequent deaths. Official data from, for example, MHRA Yellow Card, VAERS and Eudravigilance all show that the huge number of reported fatalities and serious adverse events caused by the ‘COVID’ drugs far exceeds this figure. Apply the substantial under-reporting factor, and it is evident, via basic mathematics alone, that they are already the most dangerous and lethal drugs in the history of medicine. It is an abomination that they are in use.

4. Excess overall mortality is significantly higher than prior to the rollout of the drugs. Positive correlation between injections and deaths is very strong. This is especially high in young people (15 to 45 years), including, most notably, professional athletes. The incidence of severe cardiovascular pathology has recently become so high that the disingenuous term ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ has suddenly been invented. Such cases are especially prevalent in highly ‘vaccinated’ nations, such as Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

5. They do not prevent viral transmission. Only last month, a Pfizer director admitted — under oath — that transmissibility tests were never carried out. This revelation is shocking but not surprising.

6. Given that, presently, the vast majority of acute infectious respiratory disease cases in British hospitals are among the ‘vaccinated’, it is clear that the drugs are having a deleterious effect on immune system function. Antibody-dependent enhancement and vaccine-mediated immune deficiency are strongly indicated by the data.

All the above points can be easily substantiated by the relevant literature, if anyone cares to look. It follows, therefore, that I have neither misled nor encouraged anyone to be misled about ‘scientific or professional issues’. I have simply told the truth. In stark contrast, the RSB’s own description of the drugs’ rollout as having been done ‘successfully’ could be deemed accurate in terms of logistics or Big Pharma profits, but it is an ignorant insult to the unprecedented number of dead and seriously injured.


7. ‘COVID’ case figures have been grossly inflated. As any halfway decent biologist knows, PCR is not a diagnostic tool for infection or illness. Its use as a ‘gold standard’ is, therefore, fraudulent. Further, a 45-amplification-cycle protocol ensures a false-positive rate well in excess of 90%. ‘Intent to mislead’ could hardly be more blatant.

8. ‘COVID’ mortality figures have been grossly inflated, too. The phrase ‘died within 28 days of a positive PCR test’ should make this deceit rather obvious, even to non-scientists.

9. Recently, a comprehensive meta-analysis conducted by Stanford University shows that the IFR for ‘COVID’ is approximately 0.15%. This value is not significantly different from that for seasonal flu (0.05 to 0.3%). Hence, there has been no viral pandemic at all. (Had the WHO not redefined the word ‘pandemic in 2009, COVID would not have qualified to be described as such, and, consequently, the unlicensed drugs masquerading as vaccines could not have been granted Emergency Use Authorization.)

10. The genetic sequences of the ‘COVID’ drugs were patented prior to 2015. The PCR ‘test’ kits were distributed worldwide in 2018. ‘Event 2O1’, a theoretical ‘pandemic’ exercise, conducted in late 2019, foretold — incredibly — of a coronavirus pandemic just weeks prior to worldwide media reports. Hence, ‘COVID’ and its universal ‘treatment’ were, evidently, planned well in advance.

In the light of these simple facts, I reject any accusations of ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’. These Orwellian terms are being parroted to mean ‘statements contradicting the official narrative’ and to shut down debate. I would argue that, if such words are to be used at all, they would be most applicable to information from the State and corporate media, which has been shown repeatedly to be full of lies, exaggerations, distortions and omissions.

Science does not progress by labelling honestly-held, evidence-based alternative views negatively. It does not prosper by obligatory adherence to the ‘weight of opinion’. Science advances only when dissent, disagreement and debate are unopposed — better still encouraged — and when seemingly awkward individuals within a collective are free to claim, without threat of sanction, that the consensus view is nonsense. Truth begins as heresy, as demonstrated by Charles Darwin.

Nonetheless, as the number of post-injection deaths and serious injuries increases ever further, the truth is breaking through the dam. In Parliament, MPs Sir Christopher Chope, Andrew Bridgen and Esther McVey have called for an immediate investigation. In Europe, MEPs Christine Anderson and Robert Roos have been even more vocal. All scientists and scientific organizations now have an urgent moral responsibility to blow the whistle and protect the public. The RSB’s mute stance on the matter is, therefore, unfortunate. Some might say pitiful. How many more innocents must die before the RSB (does as I have done and) speaks out?

It is disappointing, then, to discover that the ethos of the RSB does not coincide squarely with my own. Thus, I feel that it would be wise if I were to relinquish, with immediate effect, RSB membership. As I have stated, I shall make no further references of affiliation and delete existing ones, wherever I can.

I hope, very sincerely, that you and all RSB members will look beyond the crumbling ‘COVID’ narrative, peddled by mendacious politicians and their puppeteers. You should all realize — and publicly admit — that, first, the so-called ‘pandemic’ was a contrived fraud and, second, that official mortality data and peer-reviewed scientific evidence prove that the pushing of these damnable drugs constitutes a crime against humanity which is becoming more serious, and more obvious, by the day.

This will be my final correspondence.

Kindest regards.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,

Paul Spradbery

As things stand, the RSB is on the wrong side of the argument. If it does not wish to be on the wrong side of history, then it must remove its head from the sand and acknowledge the overwhelming truth. It has, in my view, a case to answer. I await any public announcement, recommending immediate withdrawal of these lethal drugs and a full, independent investigation into them. Until then, silence equals complicity.

Groucho Marx (1890-1977) once said:

I refuse to join any club that will have me as a member.

Perhaps I ought to have known better.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Friday, November 25, 2022


In these Orwellian times, censorship has become commonplace. Only when writers stick to a given narrative is freedom of expression granted by corporate media. Of course, this is not freedom at all. It is akin to being free to roam anywhere within the prison grounds.

Since the ‘pandemic’ saga began, I, too, have been censored online. I wear my YouTube ‘strikes’ like virtual medals. Each erasure is a telling a sign that I have, once again, hit upon a damning truth. This blog has also attracted the attention of the anti-freedom brigade, be that human or a mere computer algorithm.

I have just learned that Article 194, posted on 22nd May of this year, has become the latest casualty. The reason given is that its content ‘violates community guidelines’, which could equate to anything at all. Thus, not being one to give up easily, particularly when annoyed, I have taken screenshots of the text and images and spliced them all together in series. Here they are (Figure 211.1). Someone, please, let me know if I have published incorrect information. I do not believe that I have.

Figures 211.1: The censored Article 194

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

How long this version will last is anyone’s guess. It is worth a try.

P. S. 30 Nov 2022: Article 194 was republished following appeal.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Monday, October 17, 2022

‘Lie Of The Century’

From award-winning filmmaker Jeff Hays, in partnership with Children’s Health Defense (CHD), comes a documentary based on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New York Times best-selling book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. The film pulls back the curtain on Fauci’s past and present atrocities, revealing the truth behind the corruption and lies of ‘America’s Doctor’.

Figure 210.1 The film will premiere for FREE tomorrow and will run until October 27th.

Copyright © 2022 Children’s Health Defense

The Real Anthony Fauci movie details Fauci’s 50+ year career within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), outlining his pattern of misconduct —  his suppression of scientific evidence, disastrous ‘COVID-19 pandemic’ response, the history of his devastating abuse, torture and medical experimentation on children and animals, his deep conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry and his twenty-year business partnership with Bill Gates — plus more.

Copyright © 2022 Children’s Health Defense

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Truth vs Deception

I am almost lost for words. Of all the articles I have written on this website since 2010, this, the 209th, is proving to be the most difficult to begin. Since last weekend, I have collected four separate pieces — three videos and a scientific research paper — all of which deserve to be circulated worldwide. I can only summarize them in the order in which I received them.


French politician Jean Lassalle (1955-) was a member of the National Assembly for twenty years and stood for President in 2017 and 2022. In this short clip (Figure 209.1), M. Lassalle drops a monumental bombshell: President Macron has not taken the ‘COVID vaccine’. This is beyond outrageous. Throughout the past two years, this repulsive little tyrant has threatened the French people with all sorts of penalties if they refuse to submit to medical experimentation. Yet, neither he nor many of his governmental colleagues have done so. This is not mere casual hypocrisy; it is evil.

Figure 209.1: Jean Lassalle exposes the French president for what he is.

Copyright © 2022 TimTruth


Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, a Dutch Member of the European Parliament, Rob Roos (1966-), recently posted an excerpt from an interview (Figure 209.2), in which a Pfizer director admitted under oath that the pharma corporation had made fraudulent claims that the ‘vaccines’ had been tested for reducing viral transmission.

Figure 209.2: Pfizer lied. Fraud vitiates legal indemnity. Let the lawsuits begin.

Copyright © 2022 ECR Group


Stand by for yet another ‘el escritor told you so’.

Last November, in Article 177, I reported having seen — and I quote — ‘under high-resolution microscopy, the reaction of freshly-drawn red blood cells with the drugs. The cells aggregate into distinct clumps, called rouleaux, almost immediately. Inside narrow blood vessels, this causes thrombotic events, such as myocardial infarctions (heart attacks).

A few weeks ago, a team of Italian researchers published extensive evidence (Figure 209.3) to support my own 2021 findings. A few weeks later, a British researcher, from the University of Lincoln, added further corroboration.

Figure 209.3: Cipelli, Giovannini and Pisano (2022) reported that the blood of 94% of injectees showed red blood cell aggregation, along with, somewhat disturbingly, ‘particles of various shapes and sizes of unclear origin’.

Hughes (2022) supported Cipelli et al. by analysing the findings of 26 other independent studies conducted worldwide.

Copyright © 2020 IJVTPR


Lastly, I have included a recent speech given by the eminent Australian pharmacologist, Dr Phillip Altmann (1947-) (Figure 209.4). Dr Altmann founded the Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists (ARCS), which includes more than 2,000 scientists, clinicians and associated health professionals involved in both clinical trial and regulatory affairs, in Australia and New Zealand.

Figure 209.4: The impassioned Dr Altmann has a whole array of drug-pushing criminals in the crosshairs.

Copyright © 2022 Australian Medical Professionals Society

As I wrote at the beginning, sometimes I find it impossible to describe adequately the monstrous crime which calls itself ‘COVID’. I can only finish with the words of Dr Altmann:

These so-called vaccines are not safe. They have caused more deaths and serious adverse effects than any drug in the history of medicine. Anyone who disagrees with these simple facts has just not bothered to look.

For crying out loud: how much more evidence does the world need?

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Implementing Plan ‘Z’

And so it was, that later, as el escritor told his tale, that the ‘pandemic’ agenda ultimately failed. The globalists’ ulterior aim was to impose an irreversible revolution on humanity. The social, economic and technological basis of our lives would henceforth be transformed and held under the control of State and corporations — in other words, world communism in perpetuity.

If you want to know what this would have looked like, read Article 192, which I wrote in May of this year. This piece provided a glimpse of life in present-day Shanghai, where a good friend of mine has spent the past few years. Needless to say, he and his wife would get the hell out of their lockdown purgatory, complete with isolation camps and mandated ‘COVID vaccines’, if only they could find the tiniest window of opportunity, legal or otherwise.

This desperate dystopia is what the globalists wanted to impose on the whole world. They and their political stooges — Biden in the US, Johnson in the UK, Trudeau in Canada, Macron in France, Ardern in New Zealand and Morrison in Australia — believed that they could pull it off but were, eventually, thwarted by sheer numbers. Organized grassroots protesters, most famously Canadian truckers (Figure 208.1), built an immovable obstacle which would have been politically impossible to overcome. It was a victory of peaceful non-compliance over State tyranny.

Figure 208.1: The Canadian truckers’ icon

Copyright © 2022 Sirka Sie

As a consequence of this brave, principled resistance, ‘COVID’ has since been dropped. The hapless Boris Johnson has been ousted; Italy’s new prime minister is a libertarian firebrand; Trudeau and Macron are on the ropes; mass protests are rife in Germany, Czechia and the Netherlands; and the senile President Biden has publicly admitted that the ‘pandemic’ is over. 

‘Vaccine’ mandates have been abandoned because the globalists realized that the plebeian wall of resistance, built brick by individual brick, was fast becoming insurmountable. Their scientifically-illiterate aim was to inject the whole world. Had they succeeded, they would, as I have stated previously, have eliminated the experimental control group. By so doing, they would have made it impossible to compare the ‘vaxxed’ with ‘purebloods’ regarding the real pandemic, that of post-injection deaths and injuries. Given the massive (25-30%) degree of worldwide non-compliance, it is now evidentially untenable to suggest that, for example, the post-2021 explosion in myocarditis cases has not been caused by the injections. Given, moreover, that the frequency of post-injection deaths and injuries is increasing even further, the public is now learning which group is in danger and which is relatively safe.

There is no averting the tsunami of truth which will engulf the world. The globalists underestimated the critical thinking skills of a significant proportion of humanity and arrogantly overestimated their own ability to convince us all to walk willingly into the digital gulag (see Article 149) and facilitate our own downfall (Figure 208.2).

Figure 208.2: The following quote, by French political theorist Jacques Attali (pictured), is disputed. Various online ‘fact-checkers’ claim that it is false, which makes me suspect otherwise. Only a copy of the original book would settle the argument. Regardless of its veracity, its uncanny relevance cannot be discounted.

The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good. We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.

 Jacques Attali (1943-)
Excerpt from L’Avenir De La Vie (The Future of Life) by Michel Salomon
Nota bene that this book has been withdrawn by Amazon. Hmmm.

Copyright © 1981 Getty Images

It appears that ‘COVID’ was Plan ‘A’. If its primary aim was to convince the entire world population to submit to experimental injections, paving the way for ‘vaccine passports’ and digital IDs, then it has failed. If, alternatively, it was a devious means of culling millions (or even billions) of excess humans, then it might be on an undivertable path to success.

Plan ‘B’ was probably monkeypox. Another contrived ‘pandemic’ declared by the World Health Organization, this one failed abysmally, perhaps a result of public enlightenment and growing cynicism.

Plan ‘Z’ is currently unfolding. Italian-American trends forecaster, the wise and wildly entertaining Gerald Celente (1946-) (Figure 208.3), is quoted as saying: ‘When all else fails, they take you to war.’ Celente is astute. His understanding of economic history is profound, and he has stated continually since the financial crash of 2008 that the worst was yet to come and unavoidable. That day has arrived. The US, Europe, Japan and the UK are broke. Their respective sovereign debts cannot be unwound; pension funds are insolvent; and their central banks are wedged between the rock of hyperinflation and the hardest place of all — a ‘cold turkey’ deflationary collapse, similar to that of 1929.

Figure 208.3: Gerald Celente (pictured) founded the Trends Research Institute and has an excellent track record of predicting the course of political and macroeconomic change.

Copyright © 2014 Freedom From Choice

How convenient it is, then, that the financially (and morally) bankrupt West has a scapegoat. It can now perpetrate a controlled demolition of its terminally-stricken economies, destroy supply lines of food and energy, thus rendering its populations hopelessly dependent, and divert the blame toward Moscow.

In recent years, the US and EU, under the flimsy NATO cloak, have poked the Russian bear to distraction. Russia entered Ukraine to prevent further genocide of ethnic Russians. Despite this, a few months ago, Russia and Ukraine were, to their mutual credit, close to a formal ceasefire agreement — until Biden and Johnson instructed the Ukrainian government to reject peace at any cost. Ever since, the West has poured billions into the conflict zone, despite Ukraine not being a NATO member and no NATO members being under threat.

Last week, the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which cost Russia billions of roubles to construct, were destroyed by a series of underwater explosions in the Baltic Sea. It just so happens that a US naval amphibious assault ship, USS Kearsarge, had very recently been conducting drone-initiated bombing drills in that very area. So, either the US, UK et al. did it, as Biden publicly stated they would, or the Russians obliterated their own pipelines along with valuable political leverage. This is hardly a case for Columbo.

Provocation of Russia by the West continues apace. Talk of tactical nuclear strikes is out in the open. This war could be the globalists’ final throw of the dice before they are brought to justice for their ‘COVID’ crimes against humanity. Will they accept defeat or throw all the chess pieces into the fire? Bear in mind that many of them are undoubtedly insane.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Thursday, September 08, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

Imagine: being obliged to assume a public role, which you neither expected nor coveted, and carrying it out, without hesitation, without complaint, never faltering, and never putting a foot wrong  for 70 years (Figure 207.1).

Figure 207.1: Our Queen

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Friday, August 26, 2022

The Second Holocaust

Vera Sharav (Figure 206.1) is 85 years old. She is small and slight, perhaps a little frail physically, but her mind and memory are fit and functioning as well as ever. A Jew, born in Romania just before the beginning of World War Two, she survived the Holocaust, although her father did not. After the war, she was reunited with her mother in New York. As an adult, she obtained a master’s degree, married and had two children.

Figure 206.1: Vera Sharav speaks at Nuremberg, Germany

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Vera has spent her life campaigning against medical tyranny and the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry (which, believe me, is even more pervasive than recent multibillion-dollar fines suggest). Regarding the ‘COVID pandemic’, she has, despite her age, become more compelling than ever. She has, for example, been scathing about the imposition of mask-wearing. ‘It means: I am not a free agent. I also see the mask as equivalent to the yellow star that I had to wear.

If I were to write on this website that ‘the mask is the equivalent of the yellow star that Jews had to wear’, I doubt that I would get away with it. Vera, by contrast, as a consequence of her status as a Holocaust survivor, is all but untouchable. Who would be crass enough to condemn a brave, odds-defying octogenarian for speaking from such rare, first-hand experience? Moreover, who would be qualified?

A week ago, Vera gave an impassioned speech (Figure 206.2) at the 75th anniversary event of the publication of the Nuremberg Code (Nuremberg Code, 1947). Forming the entire basis of medical ethics, this is one of the most important documents ever written. In 1996, an American medical ethics expert, Professor Jacob Katz (1922-2008), remarked, perhaps with unintentional foresight, that:

‘... the Western world initially dismissed the Nuremberg Code as a code for barbarians, but unnecessary (or superfluous) for ordinary physicians (Katz, 1996)’.

Dr Katz is right, but I doubt that he could have predicted the past two-and-a-half years. Given the barbarity of coerced/mandated injections with experimental ‘COVID’ drugs — which governments, regulators and Big Pharma knew in advance would prove lethal — the Code has become more relevant than ever.

Figure 206.2: To date, the most important speech of the 21st century.
FREIHEIT’, by the way, is German for ‘FREEDOM’.

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Corporate media did not report this historic event.

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Nuremberg Code. (1947). Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10, Vol. 2, pp. 181-182. Washington, D. C., United States of America: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1949.

Katz, J. (1996). The Nuremberg Code and the Nuremberg Trial: A Reappraisal. Journal of the American Medical Association, 276(20), 1662-1666. Retrieved from https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/411048. doi:10.1001/jama.1996.03540200048030

Thursday, August 25, 2022

In This Week’s News ...

Another two days, another two ‘mysterious coincidences’ (Figures 205.1 & 205.2).

Figure 205.1: Record-breaking Scotsman Rab Wardell died in his sleep just two days after winning the Scottish MTB XC Mountain Biking Championship in Dumfries and Galloway last weekend. In 2020, he set a new record time for completing the West Highland Way. R.I.P.

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Figure 205.2: ‘Cross-code’ rugby player 
Ben Benn played for both league and union teams, including two top professional clubs, Huddersfield Giants and Bradford Bulls.

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Meanwhile, the UK government has announced that its next ‘booster’ programme will be rolled out this autumn. I hope very sincerely that the uptake will be, well, zero, to be precise. That said, incalculable damage has already been done — as we are being reminded constantly.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Sunlight Disinfectant

A former US Supreme Court Justice, Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941), stated that sunlight is the best disinfectant. This is often true in a biological sense, given that many microbial species cannot withstand strong natural light, particularly ultraviolet. Brandeiss claim, however, was metaphorical.

Figure 204.1: Justice Brandeis sitting at his desk, circa 1900.

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Today, this metaphorical sun is showing more of its face. It is now dawning on humanity that lockdowns were indefensible, both scientifically and morally. It is clear, also, that they were not a result of governmental incompetence but, rather, calculatedly imposed, as a grotesque bargaining chip  i.e. no injections means no unlocking. It ought, by now, to be equally clear that the ‘vaccines’ were not created because of an especially dangerous virus. It was the reverse: a relatively benign virus was bio-engineered so that ‘vaccines’ could then be pushed as the sole permissible — or, dare I say, final — solution.

It was evident, back in March 2020, to anyone with cerebral functionality, that the inevitable consequences of prolonged inactivity would include a crippled economy, severe social and educational retardation and an insurmountable backlog of people requiring urgent medical attention but unable to obtain it. As a verified signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration (see Article 143, 7 Oct 2020), I, along with 930,500 others, including Nobel Laureates, saw today’s post-lockdown mess heading towards us when it was a mere speck on the horizon.

After a conspicuous two-year silence on the matter, mainstream media have just begun to concede that the lockdown policy was self-defeating in every way imaginable. Fair enough, but the admission does not go nearly far enough. I suspect that this contrived contrition is not born of honesty and humility. There is more to it.

Here in the UK, excess mortality currently stands at record levels. There were 7,000 additional deaths (compared to a five-year mean average) last month, very few of which involved infectious respiratory disease. This has prompted corporate media to act ... and distract. They are trying to blame lockdowns alone. Although they are a minor factor, this concessionary tactic is nothing but a desperate smokescreen. The major cause is, of course, the lethal ‘vaccines’, and this is rapidly becoming too obvious for even the most devoted Covidian cultists to ignore. It is a diversionary, damage limitation exercise, forced by ongoing revelation of truth.

I must praise Mark Steyn and Neil Oliver, of GB News, as well as Members of Parliament Sir Christopher Chope and Esther McVey, for their bravery in speaking out. (The latter is my former MP, and, typical Liverpudlian, she is not an easy person to intimidate.) More public figures, however, must add their voices to the swelling chorus.

The following cuttings (Figure 204.2 & 204.3), dated last Friday, were taken from the Telegraph website. The message hints at the truth but stops short. This is to be expected, given that the publication’s ‘global health security’ section is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Regardless, the time will come, and probably very soon, when the horrific truth will overwhelm all attempts to suppress or disguise it.

Figure 204.2

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Figure 204.3

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The American writer and social critic John Howard Kunstler (1948-) summarized thus:

They lied about their roles in the nefarious origins of SARS-CoV-2. They conjured up — already had waiting, actually — dangerous genetic treatments masquerading as ‘vaccines’ and then they faked the safety trials to rush them into use. They denied people proper, effective treatments with inexpensive drugs and killed them with ventilators and remdesivir — solely to maintain a fraudulent emergency use authorization (EUA) that shielded ‘vaccine’ companies from lawsuits. Once the ‘vaccines’ were widely distributed — and forced upon many people with mandates — they confabulated and hid information about adverse reactions and deaths. They destroyed countless small businesses, livelihoods, households, and hindered children’s development with lockdowns. And they used both social and news media to censor their critics.

The admission that lockdowns were all harm and no benefit is welcome, but it must also be understood that they were not imposed for public health reasons at all. 

I am sure the British people will never comply with lockdowns again. Furthermore, as soon as everyone sees the brutal truth about the fake pandemic and killer ‘vaccines’, the globalist tyrants will flee to their survival bunkers (see Article 94, 30 Apr 2016) built years ago.

Kunstler again:

It’s getting harder to conceal the deaths and injuries caused by the vaccines, including a striking drop in fertility and the permanent damage to millions of people’s immune systems that will lay them low with cancer, neurological illness, and cardiovascular disease in the months ahead.

As the sun rises, ever more millions are awakening to the disinfecting light of truth.

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