Sunday, May 29, 2022

Global Covid Summit

In the 1995 cult classic film The Usual Suspects, an interrogatee quotes the 19th-century French essayist Charles Beaudelaire (1821-67):

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.’

Over the past few months, I have received a stream of emails, from everywhere, expressing bewilderment as to why I have not stopped writing about the pandemic that never was. The general consensus is that life will now return to normal (pre-2020). Restrictions have supposedly been lifted for good, and no longer will a handful of dictatorial globalists strive to impose their brave new world on 7.9 billion individuals.

This is precisely what the globalists want us all to believe. It is also yet another fabricated illusion. Throughout corporate media, ‘COVID’ was abruptly replaced by ‘Ukraine’, which is, in turn, rapidly giving way to the latest spook story, ‘monkeypox’. The globalist puppeteers – Gates, Schwab, Tedros and Fauci – along with their corrupt puppets – Biden, Johnson, Macron, Ardern, Trudeau et al. – must be aware that their ‘COVID’ narrative has been revealed as a fraud. Too many have awoken to the deception, hence it is no longer mentioned. Furthermore, it is becoming clearer by the day that the drugs masquerading as vaccines are killing and maiming millions of innocents. (If you doubt me, see VAERS, Eudravigilance and MHRA Yellow Card; and consider, also, the under-reporting factor of approximately 40, meaning that a mere 2.5% of adverse events are reported.)

Hence, to set the record straight, please note that I have no intention of switching off. These bastards must face justice, one way or another, and I care not which. Believe it or not, as strongly as I feel about freedom of expression, I have, in fact, been judicious with my choice of words and subjects, so as to preclude censorship. For example, I would never discuss the sudden, unexpected death of the world-renowned biochemist, Dr Andreas Noack (1964-2021), other than to offer condolences to his widow, Anna, who was pregnant at the time of the incident.

Earlier this year, the American virologist and inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr Robert Malone (see Article 182), co-ordinated the first Global Covid Summit (Figure 195.1), an international alliance of scientists and doctors committed to stopping the mass administration of these toxic drugs. As of today, there are more than 17,000 of us, all committed to the following foundational principles:

1. We declare and the data confirm that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.

2. We declare doctors should not be blocked from providing life-saving medical treatment.

3. We declare the state of national emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic, should be immediately terminated.

4. We declare medical privacy should never again be violated, and all travel and social restrictions must cease.

5. We declare masks are not and have never been effective protection against an airborne respiratory virus in the community setting.

6. We declare funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.

7. We declare no opportunity should be denied, including education, career, military service or medical treatment, over unwillingness to take an injection.

8. We declare that first amendment violations and medical censorship by government, technology and media companies should cease, and the Bill of Rights be upheld.

9. We declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.

10. We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable.

Figure 195.1: Dr Robert Malone (centre) aims to restore integrity to the medical and scientific professions by exposing the ‘pandemic’ lies and stopping the injection program.

Copyright © 2022 GCS

All manner of lawsuits are in the pipeline. Commercial pilots are about to sue airlines over the ‘vaccine’ mandates and subsequent injuries (Figure 195.2). Scientists are suing Big Pharma for corruption and fraudulent data reporting, which, if proven, will nullify drug corporations’ legal indemnity. Perhaps most importantly, however, actuaries acting on behalf of life insurance companies have noticed that excess mortality is presently an unprecedented 40% and coincided with the ‘vaccine’ rollout. Consequently, insurance funds are paying out far more than they would normally expect to be. Once causation is fully established, Big Pharma will have nowhere to hide.

Figure 195.2: According to a number of aviation officials from North America and Europe:

‘Pilots have suffered and are suffering medical issues that at least correlate to receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Their spectrum of symptoms is broad, ranging up to death.
Evidence of COVID-19 vaccine health risks, clinical trial irregularities and poor practice and
insignificant efficacy continues to mount.’

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The globalist drug-pushers have not gone away. Their determination to impose their will on humanity is all-consuming. They will not let go willingly. Various governments, including those of the UK, US and EU, have already purchased millions of doses of novel monkeypox ‘vaccines’, and the globalists will not rest until every human on Earth has been injected, regardless of how many die, all in the name of ‘global health security’ and ‘The Great Reset’.

The Argentinian philosopher Ken Ammi offered a corollary to Beaudelaire’s masterquip:

‘The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he is the good guy.’

The ‘Devil’, in this case, does exist and is certainly not the good guy. It is a four-headed beast. There is William Henry Gates III (1955-), a college dropout, elected by no one, who holds no qualifications in either medical or biological science. The second is the preposterous Klaus Schwab (1938-), self-appointed head of the World Economic Forum, who believes he is entitled to reset the entire world’s economic and social structures to his own perverted tastes. The third, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (1965-), Director-General of the World Health Organization since 2017, is wanted for crimes against humanity in his native Ethiopia, and whose ‘pandemic treaty’ will, if ratified, override the democratic mandates of individual nation states and basic human rights of all their citizens. The last is the demonic Anthony Fauci (1940-), Chief Medical Adviser to the US President and the subject of a best-selling book by Robert F. Kennedy Jnr entitled The Real Anthony Fauci (Figure 195.3), which chronicles the horrific lies and deeds of this Mengelian reincarnation.

Figure 195.3: This book is essential reading for those who wish to understand the global tyranny of injections, masks and lockdowns. If the heroic, Harvard-educated Dr Kennedy had written falsehoods about Fauci, he would surely by now have been sued for libel.

Copyright © 2021 Children’s Defense League

May the four-headed beast dance the Spandau Ballet.

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Monkeypox: The Next Plandemic

In Article 132, published on 21st April, 2020, I referred to Event 2O1. This took place in New York City on 18th October, 2019 and was funded by the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During this ‘theoretical exercise’, the participants imagined a coronavirus pandemic, despite one never having previously occurred. When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this very thing just a few months later, only the hopelessly naïve could have insisted that it was all merely a stupendous coincidence.

In March 2021, a similar event took place. In Munich, Germany, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a ‘global security’ organization, held an identical ‘theoretical exercise’ of ‘a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that first emerges in the fictional country of Brinia and eventually spreads globally’. Participants included senior representatives of Johnson & Johnson, the Wellcome Trust, the WHO and, of course, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – in other words, the usual suspects.

The results of this ‘theoretical exercise’ were presented in a 32-page report (Figure 194.1) dated November 2021 and can be found at:

The full (APA) citation is:

Yassif, J. M., O’Prey, K. P., & Isaac, C. R. (2021). Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent 
     and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats. Washington, District of Columbia, 
     United States of America: Nuclear Threat Initiative.

Figure 194.1: Let us see whether this latest ‘theoretical exercise’ comes true.

Copyright © 2021 Nuclear Threat Initiative

The first lie is in the report’s very first paragraph:

As of this writing [November 2021], the SARS-CoV-2 virus has ... killed more than five million ...

What this means is that five million deaths have occurred following a fraudulent PCR ‘test’ which has a false-positive rate exceeding 90%. In Italy, for example, it was proven that, of all the ‘COVID’ deaths, only 6% involved infectious respiratory disease.

The most pathetic conjecture is on page 11:

... the fictional Republic of Dranma prompty adopted aggressive measures ... by shutting down mass gatherings, imposing social-distancing measures, and implementing mask mandates. By contrast, the scenario depicts another group of countries, including fictional Cardus, that have prioritized keeping their economies open. These countries have experienced much worse outcomes in terms of illness and mortality than those that responded early and energetically.

There follows a smart-looking graph showing that, in this fictional scenario, Dranma’s strategy was far more effective than that of Cardus. (I had to laugh at this. It reminded me of when, as a young schoolkid, I would draw the football league table with my club perched at the top, because, in my make-believe world, it would win every one of its matches.)

Who are these devious fantasists trying to kid? There are numerous studies exposing these falsehoods, as they all well know. For example, a comprehensive meta-analysis conducted by Johns Hopkins University established the futility of lockdowns (Herby, Jonung & Hanke, 2022); and, as has been proven countless times, by, among others, the Royal College of Surgeons (UK), masks are useless in the prevention of viral transmission (Alexander, 2021).

The smoking gun, however, is the ‘Scenario Design Summary’ on page 10 (Figure 194.2). This shows a theoretical chronology of the ‘pandemic’ exercise. The initial outbreak is stated as occurring on 15th May, 2022. This is mindblowing. In recent days, mass media have reported outbreaks of monkeypox in twelve countries, including Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada and UK. The first such reports were published on ... 15th May, 2022!

One would need to be unfathomably stupid to accept that old BillyBoy’s ‘theoretical exercise’ miraculously foretold, 14 months in advance, not only the exact disease but also the exact date on which the initial outbreak would occur. Imagine a lawyer arguing such a colossal coincidence in a court of law. He would lose both the case and any vague reputation for being compos mentis.

The rest of the timeline is as follows:
5th June, 2022: The first 4 deaths occur. No international warnings as yet.
23rd January, 2023: 83 countries affected. 1.3 million deaths. Disease found to be vaccine-resistant. National responses.
10th May, 2023: 27 million deaths. Revelation of terror group origin.
1st December, 2023: 271 million deaths. International financing for pandemic preparedness.

Figure 194.2: A plan disguised as an exercise

Copyright © 2021 Nuclear Threat Initiative

The first ‘theoretical’ date was spot-on, so it follows that the others might turn out to be miraculously accurate, too. Points worth noting are: (a) presumed vaccine ineffectiveness, which implies an urgent need for new ones (!); (b) the virus would be released by terrorists, strongly implying Russia; and (c) 3.4% of the world’s population would be wiped out within a year-and-a-half. When Gates boasted that the next ‘pandemic’ (after the ‘COVID’ scam) would get the world’s attention, he was brazenly showing his cards in advance. Surely, now, he has overplayed them.

So, here we go again. ‘COVID’ failed to convince the whole world to be injected with dangerous drugs because too many of us had been overwhelmed by the smell of bullshit. I can smell it again. Gates et al. are doubling down on their insane plot to take control of humanity via: another contrived ‘plandemic’; economic measures which render the many utterly dependent on the few; universal ‘vaccination’, however lethal; and the eventual establishment of a totalitarian digital ID system.

2023 promises to be a blast. Who will be duped a second time?

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery


Alexander, P. E. (2021). More than 400 studies on the failure of compulsory Covid interventions (lockdowns, restrictions, closures). Retrieved from

Herby, J., Jonung, L., & Hanke, S. H. (2022). A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality. Studies in Applied Economics, 200. Retrieved from

Friday, May 20, 2022

Exposing Corona Lies: Dr Russell Blaylock

Dr Russell L. Blaylock (Figure 193.1) is a retired neurosurgeon from Jackson, Mississippi, USA. He has practised neurosurgery for almost 30 years, was clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi and is currently a visiting professor in the biology department at Belhaven College.

Figure 193.1: Dr Blaylock is the author of more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Copyright © 2014-2022 TTAC Publishing, LLC

Last month, brave Dr Blaylock wrote a 14-page editorial for Surgical Neurology International, a bimonthly, peer-reviewed, open access medical journal, published in Pubmed Central and Scopus. His article, entitled ‘COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?’, is a powerful summary of the ‘pandemic’ scam, sharing the conclusions of another recent publication, The Covid Lies, by Dr Michael Yeadon (Figure 193.2). In fact, it is now difficult to find any highly-qualified scientist, anywhere, who does not share these views.

Figure 193.2: Dr Yeadon drives a coach and horses through the ‘pandemic’ narrative in his essay published by Doctors For Covid Ethics at:

Copyright © 2022 Michael Yeadon

Dr Blaylock identifies – with, might I say, neurosurgical precision – the fraud and lies perpetrated by governments, Big Pharma and corporate media since the beginning of 2020. His main points include:

* Deliberate, monumental exaggeration of the public health risk posed by ‘COVID’

* Systematic censorship of some of the world’s best doctors and scientists

* Indefensible medical treatment protocols

* Blatant conflicts of interest within medical establishments

* The futility – and actual harm – of masks, (antisocial) distancing and contact tracing

* Proven multiple dangers of the fraudulently-named ‘vaccines’

Perhaps the most fundamental point, however, is this:

One must also keep in mind that this event [COVID] never satisfied the criteria for a pandemic. The World Health Organization changed the criteria to make this a pandemic. To qualify for a pandemic status the virus must have a high mortality rate for the vast majority of people, which it didn’t (with a 99.98% survival rate), and it must have no known existing treatments – which the virus had – in fact, a growing number of very successful treatments.

This is crucial. Once it is understood that ‘COVID’ was known all along not to be a high-consequence disease, the whole ‘pandemic’ house of cards collapses in on itself. If you study only one peer-reviewed article on this subject, I would recommend that you read, carefully and conscientiously, Dr Blaylock’s editorial, which can be found at:

The full (APA) citation is:

Blaylock, R. L. (2022). COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? Surgical Neurology 
     International, 13(167), 1-14. doi: 10.25259/SNI_150_2022

It is a huge relief to me that more and more people can now see that my adamant rejection of the ‘COVID’ narrative was well founded. Data published recently by the New York Times have shown that as many as 65% of the American people are refusing any further injections. This is marvellous news. I would presume that this figure is similar for other countries. If so, then the globalist aim for universal ‘vaccination’ has already failed. That said, the likes of Gates, Fauci and Schwab, assisted by their useful idiots in political office, are unlikely to surrender their malevolent desperation for world control. As a smirking Gates remarked, on C-Span2, on 23rd June, 2020:
We will have to prepare for the next one [pandemic]. And I say it will get their attention this time.

How would he know?

Just three days ago, the Times newspaper ran the following headline:

Monkeypox: what is it and should we be worried?

Here we go again. Be vigilant, folks. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Shanghai Today

The Chinese political leader Chiang Kai-Shek (1887-1975) once remarked that the rise or fall of Shanghai means the birth or death of the whole nation. I wonder what he would make of the grotesque state of the city today.

A good friend of mine has been living there since 2018. We worked together for eleven years and played 6-a-side football in the same team back in 2007-8. I received the following message and photographs earlier today.

‘Great to hear from you. We are okay, day 49 of lockdown and 48 negative tests completed!! We can use the grounds to our compound which is good as it’s almost a kilometre of outside area with grass and trees and we have a dog zone for the dogs and an outdoor gym area. The community is good and as we have 70% expats in our compound we have been treated well and given lots of space. 

‘It is tough though hoping the deliveries will continue and when we can go outside. Surrounding compounds have been sealed in with cages and it’s quite brutal the way the authorities are treating them.

‘People are scared because if someone tests positive, not only are they taken to a quarantine camp but also all the people on the same floor plus the floors above and below. So if you are negative and live above someone who tests positive you are taken to a camp with over 7,000 people. That’s just insane. Rather than let people rest at home they are taken away. The camps are huge places with no privacy, lights on 24/7, some have no showers, no aircon or ventilation and it’s getting hot here now and you are there 10-14 days. It’s totally bonkers. So people try to dodge tests. I will send you some photos [Figures 192.1, 192.2 & 192.3].

‘I’ve lost 5 kilos since 23rd March. We have cut down eating and drinking.

‘It makes no sense. I’m a huge fan of China, the people, culture and language but the government have shown their true colours and it’s cruel how people are treated at the moment. I hope you are all well.’

Figure 192.1: Shanghai workers, trussed up ridiculously in hazmat suits and face masks, erect cage fencing around the entrances to residential properties.

Copyright © 2022 (Undisclosed)

Figure 192.2: No way in or out

Copyright © 2022 (Undisclosed)

Figure 192.3: The inside of a Shanghai quarantine (concentration) camp

Copyright © 2022 (Undisclosed)

My friend is right: it makes no sense – not socially, nor economically, and certainly not scientifically. How could it? It would be stupid squared to accept that such severe measures are a rational response to a viral illness which peaked two years ago and has been proven to be of negligible risk to anyone with a functioning immune system. It should be clear to everyone that none of this charade has anything to do with public health. So what is the real reason?

Covidians, look hard at these images.

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