Friday, November 25, 2022


In these Orwellian times, censorship has become commonplace. Only when writers stick to a given narrative is freedom of expression granted by corporate media. Of course, this is not freedom at all. It is akin to being free to roam anywhere within the prison grounds.

Since the ‘pandemic’ saga began, I, too, have been censored online. I wear my YouTube ‘strikes’ like virtual medals. Each erasure is a telling a sign that I have, once again, hit upon a damning truth. This blog has also attracted the attention of the anti-freedom brigade, be that human or a mere computer algorithm.

I have just learned that Article 194, posted on 22nd May of this year, has become the latest casualty. The reason given is that its content ‘violates community guidelines’, which could equate to anything at all. Thus, not being one to give up easily, particularly when annoyed, I have taken screenshots of the text and images and spliced them all together in series. Here they are (Figure 211.1). Someone, please, let me know if I have published incorrect information. I do not believe that I have.

Figures 211.1: The censored Article 194

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery

How long this version will last is anyone’s guess. It is worth a try.

P. S. 30 Nov 2022: Article 194 was republished following appeal.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery