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COVID Fraud: Latest Updates

The fraudulent ‘pandemic’ narrative continues its inevitable disintegration before the eyes of the world.

This week, here in England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has his back against the wall, following a stream of revelations about carefree Downing Street parties during lockdown in 2020 (Figure 186.1). It turns out that those who imposed the unprecedented draconian rules on the British people broke them casually and repeatedly. I agree, it is staggeringly hypocritical, but that is beside the point. More crucial is that these hundred or so miscreants are at the centre of government. They are in the know, regarding the truth about the so-called ‘pandemic’. Consider, then: if ‘COVID’ were a serious existential threat, and the rules justified, would they have behaved so fearlessly, so frequently? Of course not. Were the danger as substantial as they publicly insisted, such self-entitled individuals would have been the first into hiding and the last out of it. It stands to reason, therefore, that no significant danger ever existed.

Figure 186.1: The prime minister and his wife (seated right) at one of Downing Street’s infamous ‘work’ parties. Buffoon Johnson claimed to be ignorant of the rules that he had willingly imposed on everyone else.

Copyright © 2021 Sky Group

Millions of British people have made this same rational deduction in the past few days. There is now implacable anger. For months on end, as the wine flowed in Downing Street, thousands of elderly people were needlessly kept apart from their loved ones and condemned to die alone. Children were denied their friends and daily education. Thousands were arrested and fined for smaller transgressions than those committed by Johnson and the other rulemakers. Will they now be reimbursed?

Of all such shameless episodes, one image in particular is resonating throughout the land. On April 17th last year, during the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, his wife of 73 years – Her Majesty the Queen – was forced to sit alone in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, her face masked throughout the service (Figure 186.2). To insult the 95-year-old Queen even further, there had been a Downing Street party, with no restrictions, the previous evening.

Figure 186.2: How do Johnson and his fellow conspirators sleep?

Copyright © 2021 Fox News

Yesterday, as millions of enlightened people took to the streets worldwide, Brits intensified their protests against mandatory ‘vaccinations’ for National Health Service (NHS) staff (Figure 186.3). As it stands, all ‘unvaccinated’ staff must submit to medical experimentation with the ‘COVID’ injections before February 3rd, otherwise they will be summarily dismissed. No less than 80,000 staff members – doctors, nurses, lab staff etc. – are refusing to do so. In other words, they are prepared to sacrifice their jobs and careers, rather than be injected.

Figure 186.3: In London’s Trafalgar Square, principled NHS staff lay down their uniforms in readiness to surrender their employment next month.

Copyright unknown

Their resistance speaks volumes. They are in the know. They have spent the past year witnessing, close up, the effects of these toxic drugs and, sensibly, want nothing to do with them. No sensible person can blame them. After all, it takes a special kind of imbecile to take a lethal experimental drug, repeatedly, which neither confers immunity, nor prevents viral transmission, nor reduces viral load, but wrecks one’s immune system, permanently, in an attempt to combat a weakening viral illness which the World Health Organization has conceded was never any more virulent than seasonal flu. Before long, a true pandemic, one of buyer’s remorse, will rock the world. My admiration goes out to all the other purebloods’ who are standing as firm as I am in the face of coercion and ignorant abuse.

More hard evidence regarding the ‘death jabs’ emerges by the day. One of the latest data collections shows that the drugs are particularly dangerous to pregnant women. This should surprise no one. All novel drugs require stringent reproductive toxicity testing, to assess the effects on embryological development and infant health. The ‘COVID’ drugs have undergone none. Dr James Thorp, a maternal foetal medicine specialist from Florida, USA, has revealed, from the official Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data, that the drugs are causing massive pregnancy loss. It is shown that, prior to 20 weeks gestation, the rate of spontaneous abortion among injected women is a shocking 91.2% (Brock & Thornley, 2021).

In the UK, official sources have not yet provided the equivalent data, despite Freedom of Information requests legally compelling them to do so. There is every reason to suppose that this shocking state of affairs is ubiquitous. I am reminded of a media article featuring the scientifically-uneducated Duchess of Cambridge, who asserted that the drugs were safe and that expectant mothers should not hesitate to be injected with them. Stupid, stupid woman. Shame, also, on all the medical staff who know the truth but lack the courage, integrity, honesty, humility and humanity to speak out.

A few weeks ago, in Article 184, I reported the latest information on the criminal case presented by retired police officer Mark Sexton (Figure 186.4). Scientific evidence presented to London’s Metropolitan Police is extensive, damning and from trusted sources and credible world-renowned experts such as Dr Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer for Pfizer. It includes hundreds of witness statements from whistleblowers and forensic evidence too.

Naturally, online ‘fact-checkers’ have been busy doing all they can to discredit the case and suppress the truth. Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines, having already been banned from Twitter, has now been kicked off the LinkedIn platform for referring to obvious conflicts of interest among ‘fact-checkers’. The estimable Dr Malone showed the LinkedIn profile of someone called Jim Smith, a board member of ‘COVID vaccine’ manufacturer Pfizer who happens, also, to be CEO of the Reuters parent company, the Thomson Reuters Corporation, which funds ‘fact-checkers’ to the tune of millions per year. As a rule of thumb, if ‘fact-checker’ propaganda claims something to be false, you can bet your boots that it is true.

Partly as a result of being caught out, Boris Johnson and his fellow liars have decided to lift almost all ‘COVID’ restrictions immediately. They know that the term ‘Nuremberg 2.0’ is being written and spoken more widely. No one orchestrating or presiding over these inhumane ‘COVID’ mandates must be allowed to walk free from their disgusting crimes against humanity.

Figure 186.4: Is this case, containing irrefutable proof of numerous ‘vaccine’ dangers, the reason why restrictions are being suddenly lifted?

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The people are awakening. The globalists fear the rope.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery


Brock, A. R., & Thornley, S. (2021). Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19
mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy. Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law, 4, 130-143. Retrieved from

Monday, January 03, 2022

World Council For Health Declaration (2021)

Happy New Year to everyone. Let us all hope that 2022 will be the year when humanity continues to revert to its senses and rebels against the anti-scientific ‘COVID’ tyranny. After almost two years of mass brainwashing and psychosis, we have reasons for optimism.

First, however, I ought to mention the latest tragic, life-changing episodes which are almost certainly a result of the uniquely dangerous ‘COVID’ injections. It is becoming impossible to watch a football match without witnessing either players or spectators collapsing with acute cardiac problems. Yesterday, at Watford’s Vicarage Road stadium, a fan collapsed and had to be revived using a defibrillator. Since falling to the pitch with severe chest pains three weeks ago, Manchester United’s 27-year-old Swedish international Victor Lindelof has yet to play another minute of a competitive match. Despite mainstream media referring deceitfully to his absence as ‘COVID-related’, I would be surprised if he ever played again. On December 23rd, I cited a web source which had reported an unprecedented 375 serious cardiac incidents among sportsmen in 2021. The total was 395 when the year ended. Another 20 cases had occurred in just the final eight days (Good Sciencing, 2021).

Evidence that these injections are lethal is now irrefutable. Dr Arne Burkhardt, one of the top pathologists in Europe, and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, co-founder of Doctors For Covid Ethics, have recently published histopathologic findings from post mortem (autopsy) examinations (Figure 185.1), proving that all these novel gene-based drugs routinely cause cardiac and blood vessel inflammation, along with auto-immune (self-to-self) attacks, caused by killer T-lymphocytes infiltrating multiple organs, including, prominently, the heart (Bhakdi & Burkhardt, 2021).

Figure 185.1: This tissue sample was presented by Drs Bhakdi (above right) and Burkhardt (below right) on the UK Column network. It shows cardiac tissue infiltrated by killer T-lymphocytes, which present as conspicuous, dark-purple bodies about the size of red blood cells (diameter = 0.007 mm approx.) In healthy heart tissue, these cells would be absent.

Copyright © 2021 Doctors For Covid Ethics

A few weeks ago, The World Council for Health demanded an immediate stop to the ‘COVID’ experimental ‘vaccines’ (Figure 185.2). I commend the Council’s action but wonder why its announcement has taken so long. As a general rule, if 25 to 50 deaths are even suspected as having been caused by a trial drug, as was the case with the swine flu vaccine in 1976, then it is withdrawn immediately. It is by far the greatest medical abomination in history that these ‘COVID’ drugs remain in use at all, never mind being forced upon entire populations. Still, the Declaration is to be welcomed by all sane, intelligent individuals.

Figure 175.2: The Declaration can be viewed at:

Copyright © 2021 World Council for Health

Lastly, you will recall that, on December 17th, I cited and recommended the Twitter feed of Dr Robert W. Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, who has been relentless in his demand that the ‘COVID’ drugs be withdrawn.

Well, perhaps predictably, the eminent Dr Malone was banned from Twitter last week. He had more than half a million followers. Although a specific reason for his suspension was not given, a spokesperson said that Dr Malone’s account was permanently suspended for ‘repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy’, which are exactly the same words used by other media platforms, including YoutubeAgence France-Presse (AFP), a corporate news agency, cited its own ‘fact-checkers’ who disagreed with Dr Malone without offering even a crumb of rational argument. Still, Twitter decreed that, despite (or maybe because of) Dr Malone’s unsurpassed scientific status on the matter, he must be silenced.

Paul Offit, from the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told AFP that:

There’s no evidence, either in experimental animals or people.

Poor Dr Offit. He is clearly oblivious to the first-hand evidence provided by Dr Burkhardt. More damning still, he ought to be fully aware that none of these experimental drugs had undergone more than a few months’ testing prior to emergency use approval. As for evidence in animals: in previous animal-based trials of such drugs, all the animals died, mostly from auto-immune assault. The ‘COVID’ drugs bypassed animals altogether; the uninformed guinea pigs were, and are, exclusively humans, billions of them.

Another AFP ‘fact-checker’ source, Deborah Greenhouse, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, added:

While there is clear evidence that some younger men have developed heart inflammation as a side effect of the vaccine, the experts said such side effects are rare and temporary.

If Ms Greenhouse believes these ‘experts’ – which, nota bene, she neglects to name – that pericarditis and myocarditis are ‘rare’ side-effects of these drugs, then I would refer her to recent evidence presented by Kirsch (2021), as well as that of Doctors For Covid Ethics. Even more alarmingly, if she believes that such conditions are ‘temporary’, then either she, the ‘experts’ or all have a dismal understanding of basic cardiology. Myocarditis, in particular, leads inevitably to scarring, impaired ability to pump blood and a significantly shortened lifespan. There is nothing temporary about it.

Are ‘fact-checkers’ stupid, misquoted or wilfully blind? Regardless, the truth overwhelms.

Copyright © 2022 Paul Spradbery


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