Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adventure Of The Seas

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed sailing from Málaga, through the Strait of Gibraltar, to the Canary Islands. As autumn school holidays go, this one surpassed all others. No wonder. MS Adventure of the Seas (Figure 27.1) (see link below), owned by Royal Caribbean International, is one of the largest cruise ships in the world, costing a cool half-billion (US) dollars to construct.

Figure 27.1: MS Adventure of the Seas was built by Kvaerner Masa-Yards (KMY), the largest shipbuilder in Finland, and made its maiden voyage exactly 10 years ago.

Copyright 2011 Royal Caribbean International

Compare her general characteristics with those of the legendary Titanic:

The word ‘impressive’ has rarely been so inadequate. Currently, the Adventure spends the summer months in and around Spanish waters, departing for the Southern Caribbean when winter begins.

The ship’s leisure facilities cater for everyone, regardless of energy levels. They include a circumferential running track, basketball court, fitness centre and climbing wall (Figure 27.2). There is also a spectacular theatre and various restaurants (Figures 27.3 and 27.4), including a 1950s-style diner which was my daughter’s favourite. For sun-worshippers, there is even – believe it or not – a beach. Only the terminally dissatisfied would have found cause for complaint.

Figure 27.2: Climbing a moving cliff face

Copyright 2011 Phoebe Spradbery

Figure 27.3: On-board shops and restaurants

Copyright 2011 Phoebe Spradbery

Figure 27.4: Some of the catering staff

Copyright 2011 Phoebe Spradbery

Unlike the Titanic exactly a century ago, and much to my relief, the Adventure of the Seas docked safely at its subtropical destination. After a 900-mile voyage around the Moroccan coast, she reached los Islas Canarias (Figure 27.5) on schedule. Long may she sail (Figure 27.6).

Figure 27.5: The view from Deck 8

Copyright 2011 Phoebe Spradbery

Figure 27.6: Dressed for the occasion

Copyright 2011 Royal Caribbean International

Copyright 2011 Paul Spradbery

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