Friday, December 01, 2017

Piano Recording

The term ‘classically-trained musician’ carries real kudos. It somehow implies rare genius. In truth, it is someone who has been taught classical playing techniques, music theory, harmony, composition and history. Learning involves the study of classical composers and their respective works.

I am, therefore, by definition, a classically-trained musician. Weekly lessons began at the age of nine, and I spent eight years in a perennial cycle of practice, revision and (fifteen) Royal Schools of Music examinations in both theory and individual performance. Then, it seemed like all work and little play. Today, the opposite holds true. Playing techniques that were painstaking shown to me as a schoolboy are now second nature, and I shall forever remain grateful to all my teachers.

The music for a beautiful piece was emailed to me recently. Looking at it for the first time, it did not appear too daunting, although some parts proved technically awkward. The idea of recording it came from one of my sons, who is a YouTube junkie. Simple footage was created, in my daughter’s bedroom, using nothing more than an Android phone – hence the custom sound effects (creaky piano pedals and heavy breathing).

During the first recording, my daughter’s dog started barking. The second was uninterrupted and subsequently uploaded to YouTube a few days ago.

It is dedicated to someone with whom I am, sadly, no longer in contact.

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Copyright © 2017 Paul Spradbery

Copyright © 2017 Paul Spradbery

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