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A blogger complaining about anonymous emails is analogous to a fisherman complaining about the sea. It is regrettable that very few such emails are courteous, although hardly surprising, as, generally, it is only the ignorant and rabidly abusive who lack the conviction to identify themselves.

Rules have exceptions, however, and an exception to this rule arrived yesterday evening. It was a black and white screenshot, written, or at least published, by someone with the moniker Parrhesia. A thoughtful choice of word, it means something like ‘boldness or honesty of speech’ in Ancient Greek. I read with interest the thirteen accompanying paragraphs, which appertained to the ‘COVID vaccines’, as most current emails do.

It was clear that the writer is well educated in biochemistry and molecular biology and understands very well the serious dangers associated with these infernal drugs. I would infer, also, that his or her anonymity was not preserved for protection from me but from, say, an employer or government agency. Reading between the lines, I could sense that this person is not telling as much as he or she knows.

The writing is aimed at readers with substantial bioscientific knowledge, but intelligent non-scientists could easily follow it to its logical, disturbing conclusions. I could be extremely fastidious and take issue with some of the minor details, but doing so would distract from the essential message. I have, therefore, isolated each paragraph (bold italic) and added brief explanatory notes where I thought they might be helpful.

Caution: Some readers might find the following upsetting ... but should read it anyway.

1. The first to die from the vaccines will be those susceptible to blood clots. The spike proteins these vaccines cause the body to produce attach to endothelial ACE2 receptors. They act as a partial agonist (stimulator). In turn, the cells’ mitochondria spin up ATP production, but imperfectly. This causes errors in the reactions involved, resulting in the production of rogue hydroxyl groups instead of ATP. This can and usually does kill the cell. This happens all over the body, resulting in invisible and unperceived (you do not have nerves in your circulatory system) systemic cardiovascular inflammation. Clotting ensues, either on the micro or macro level.

Note: The first sentence is corroborated by masses of current clinical evidence. So much so, that the terms ‘clot shot’ and ‘stroke poke’ are now used widely and, at times, casually. ‘Endothelial’ describes the single layer of cells lining the interior surface of blood vessels.

2. mRNA is absolutely reverse transcribed to DNA. We have known this is potentially fatal since 1998 when the University of Pennsylvania killed a kid using a chimp-gene modified adenovirus to cure a rare disease in which the body cannot reduce levels of ammonia. The kid was cured, and then went into liver failure. The chimp genes inserted into the viral vector were reverse transcribed into his liver cells, and his immune cells destroyed them – killing him.

Note: It is now proven that the genetic code contained within all the ‘COVID vaccines’ incorporates itself into the host DNA. This molecular process is called reverse transcription. Hence, the world’s five billion recipients are no longer strictly human but genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). The story of the boy killed by gene therapy is genuine and can be read at:

3. The mechanism is Line 1 retrotransposons. These are ancient retroviruses and genetic junk that is spooled up and inactive 99.9% of the time. Introduction of viral mRNA is an adjuvant that causes these genes to unwind and express, including viral reverse transcriptase. Studies have since confirmed that this is happening with the vaccines.

Note: This paragraph shows that the writer has excellent understanding of what is called genetic transposition – i.e. pieces of genetic material copying and pasting themselves from one site to another. (Some of my own research has involved analysis of Alu elements which are also ‘jumping genes’.) Furthermore, the writer identifies the correct way by which the genetic code from the ‘vaccines’ is inserted into the human genome.

4. Line 1 retrotransposons are a matter of chance. Sometimes they will reverse transcribe to Line 1 itself, creating useless chimeras that do not express. Sometimes they will write to active DNA segments. Sometimes in doing so, it will overwrite a necessary gene, killing the cell. Sometimes it will write to active DNA, and the former mRNA will express it as if it was your own gene. Sometimes the immune system will then kill these cells. Sometimes, they will not.

Note: Such profound understanding of molecular genetics tells me that the writer is educated to post-doctoral level. A chimera, by the way, in biology, means an organism with genes from different sources.

5. For reference, one shot of the Moderna vaccine contains 40 trillion packets of mRNA in their peg-ylated shells. If Line 1 retrotransposons successfully reverse transcribe even .05% of the time – then 200 billion cells will have the gene for creating the covid spike protein inserted into them. These cells will then occasionally produce the covid spike protein – for the rest of the recipient’s life.

Note: For example, a young man of average height and weight consists of approximately 30 trillion human cells. One injection, therefore, contains enough mRNA to produce lethal spike proteins in every cell indefinitely. There is no ‘off’ switch.

6. The number one place the vaccine mRNA ends up is the thymus, the second is the liver, and the third is female ovaries. KEEP THIS IN MIND. They knew about this. It was revealed in the most recent Pfizer document dump, and in fact was known well before then for those of us paying attention. I will come back to this.

Note: This information concurs, more or less, with Pfizer’s original biodistribution data, which I received just over a year ago. It is criminal that the manufacturers knew that their novel drugs ‘leak’ but marketed them worldwide regardless. In this context, ‘leak’ means that, instead of the drug remaining safely at the injection site (shoulder muscle) before an immune response becomes activated, it is instead transported throughout the body. Hence, the spike protein will be synthesized in every organ; and every cell expressing this toxin, be it a brain cell or heart cell or whatever, will be attacked by the immune system.

7. Aside from causing progressive cardiovascular damage that a recipient would never feel or know about because it is painless and largely symptomless, the spike protein inhibits v(d)j recombination. When your immune cells create new antibodies, they do not have a gene that codes for that creation. So, they split their DNA, pluck out sequences that partially could create the necessary sequence, splice them together and insert them, and then fix the DNA that was damaged in this process. This is v(d)j recombination. Only 2% of killer T cells are successful in doing this, which is why people who are seriously ill start to rapidly lose weight. The body needs resources to fuel this very important process. In the vaccinated, this process is now further impaired to the point where their immune systems cannot keep up. Their levels of CD4 and CD8 cells will progressively decline, leadings [sic] to vaccine induced AIDS. Mind you, this can take between 5-10 years to progress to the point where symptoms show in those infected with HIV.

Note: This part is quite complex. V(D)J recombination is a trial-and-error mechanism by which lengths of DNA are rearranged in such a way that specific novel antibodies may be synthesized. Its discoverer, a Japanese polymath called Susumu Tonegawa (1939-), won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1987. The (valid) reference to vaccine-induced AIDS is a subject that I have mentioned in recent articles.

8. Back to the ovaries. v(D)j recombination is used by immune cells, but the proteins involved – BRCA1 and 53BP1 – are used in every cell for routine DNA repair. BRCA1 zips up double-stranded breaks in DNA. 53BP1 acts as a goalpost, directing where DNA repair occurs. Both of these proteins are named after their involvement in cancer research. If either of these proteins are not present, such as in the case of people who do not have working copies of genes to create these proteins, the risk of cancer increases exponentially with age.

9. Not only will those who received the vaccines have an increased risk of every type of cancer, but women will start to enter menopause earlier and start giving birth to children with more birth defects. Women only have so many eggs, and their exposure to these vaccines and suppression of BRCA1 and 53BP1 means these eggs [sic] cells can no longer engage in routine DNA repair from everyday exposure to oxidative stress. These eggs will either die prematurely, or result in a viable pregnancy but with damaged offspring.

Note: This, tragically, is true. The ‘vaccines’ inhibit DNA repair and thus preserve genetic mutations which are the foundation of all neoplastic disease, both benign and malignant (cancer). There is already evidence of increased incidence of aggressive tumour growth in all organs of the body – and this is just a taste of what is to come.

10. Line 1 retrotransposons can and will transcribe the vaccine mRNA to somatic cells. The egg cells. This means that children born to vaccinated mothers will produce the covid spike protein every day of their lives. Their expression of BRCA1 and 53BP1 will be inhibited from the day of their birth until they die. v(D)j recombination will be inhibited from the day of their birth until the day they die. Not only are they likely to get cancer early and often, but they will be immune compromised and unlikely to be able to mount successful adaptive immune responses to common pathogens. They will be sickly and short lived.

Note: Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that the horrific effects of these ‘vaccines’ stand to become manifest in many generations to come (Figure 197.1). May all the blood shed in future remain indelibly on the hands of everyone who, knowingly or negligently, facilitated the injection of such a uniquely toxic drug into the uninformed and misinformed.

Figure 197.1: In this short video, Dr Daniel Nagase, who qualified as a medical doctor in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2004, speaks out.

Copyright © 2022

11. When the medical community cannot hide this anymore, it’s all over. The ramp up in deaths, cancer, and the pending MASS vaccine induced AIDS epidemic is being swept under the rug for now.

12. Eventually, there will be no more hiding it. The attempts to cover things up as long as possible was anticipated since doctors and academics are arrogant, self-righteous psychopaths who could be expected to protect their reputations regardless of the cost. This will simply result in even more anger.

Note: I do wonder how much longer the general public can remain oblivious. There will be a breaking point. Senior medical staff know the score; yet, to their shame, they remain silent.

12 [sic]. As was the goal, attacks on doctors, the media, and government will result in civil wars worldwide and the destruction of national governments. Only 20% of the human population will survive.

I have included a copy of the original screenshot which I typed verbatim (Figure 197.2).

Figure 197.2: If I have made any errors in my transcription, please let me know.

Copyright © 2022 Parrhesia

The final sentence is shocking. Such an eventuality would not, however, surprise me. It does, after all, chime with the view of Professor Dolores Cahill – – an experienced and highly-credentialed immunologist, formerly of University College, Dublin:

Everyone who has had an mRNA injection will die within three to five years.

Despite being highly qualified, Professor Cahill has been censored, deplatformed and is even being hounded by the Irish authorities for daring to contradict the false narrative so boldly. As JFK once said:

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.’

The ‘parrhesia’ moniker is apt. The writer speaks boldly, honestly and freely, and from a position of considerable knowledge and understanding. The powers-that-be are terrified. They are terrified of experts such as Professor Cahill. They are terrified that the emergence of truth will prove unstoppable. They are terrified of the public’s eventual reaction, when the injected billions realize that they have been given a pharmacological death sentence. 

*          *          *          *          *

I would very much like you, the writer, the contact me, at or via this website. What intrigues me is not only your scientific background and what you have written, but also what you have not written. I am sure that you will understand to what I refer (Figure 197.3).

Figure 197.3: To identify yourself, tell me the name of this dog. Thanks.

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