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A Mysterious New Syndrome

There is a mysterious new syndrome affecting humans. Healthy young people, from all over the world, are dying suddenly in significant numbers (Figure 196.1). Doctors are claiming to be baffled as to the cause. They must, therefore, believe that the general public are gullible, very stupid and have spent the past two years walking around in a trance. No comment.

Figure 196.1: Mainstream media are – at last – acknowledging the herd of elephants in their midst.

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In Article 191, I reported that junior rugby players from my son’s former club were being encouraged to undergo cardiac tests before taking to the sports field. Now, just eight weeks later, all under 40s are being urged by the medical establishment to do likewise (Figure 196.2). Why the sudden urgency?

Figure 196.2: This is not the first MailOnline report (see Article 191) to hint at the truth. Is this particular organization trying to tell the world without telling the world, so to speak, or is it just more media gaslighting?

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Two important questions regarding causation need to be asked: (1) does this new syndrome correlate strongly with, for example, widespread novel drug therapy; and (2) is there a proven pathological mechanism, beyond anecdotal evidence, by which the novel treatment can be lethal?

The answers to these two questions are, of course, well known throughout the scientific community. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is, of course, Sudden Adult Death From Toxic Injections Syndrome. Some of us are brave enough to say so in public; the others are pathetic cowards. The body of evidence is growing, as is its rate of growth increase (or its second derivative, for any mathematicians out there). How much excess mortality will it take to convince the public that they have been coerced into playing Russian roulette? Eventually, even the most stubborn will be forced to accept the truth, namely that spike proteins synthesized by these gene-based drugs cause, among thousands of other ghastly effects, blood clots in every organ of the body. Some clots are so monstrous (Figure 196.3) that experienced pathologists are claiming never to have observed anything remotely similar.

Figure 196.3: A spike protein-induced blood clot

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As I say, blood clots are not all. In the past few months, several countries, most of all the UK, have reported a sudden explosion in cases of hepatitis in children (Figure 196.4). Viral causation has been ruled out, while autoimmune attack – a proven ‘vaccine’ side-effect – is strongly suspected. Predictably, corporate fact-checkers have been quick to claim that none of the children had been injected. That might well be true in some, even most, cases, but it is immaterial. Toxic spike proteins can be transmitted from mother to child by breastfeeding or other close physical contact. It is telling that the ‘vaccination’ status of the affected children and their parents has not been disclosed anywhere.

Figure 196.4: Another mystery? Pfizer’s biodistribution data, which I cited a year ago, in Article 163, showed that, among all the organs infiltrated by toxic spike proteins, the liver was one of the worst affected.

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In the news, also, are reports of an unprecedented increase in cases of shingles. This is a painful condition caused by the virus Varicella zoster and manifests itself in the form of skin blisters around infected nerve tissue. This virus is also responsible for chickenpox and lies dormant in the human body until reactivation is subsequently triggered by immune deficiency. Ten days ago, the latest ‘data dump’ from Pfizer – who wanted to keep its research data secret for 75 years – was published. Information on page 21 confirms the findings of van Dam et al. (2021) that viral reactivation is caused by the ‘COVID’ injections. Click the link below.

I ought to point out, also, that shingles can be indistinguishable, both clinically and electron microscopically, from monkeypox. Could it be that the monkeypox saga is being contrived to mask a shingles epidemic?

Before I began compiling this article, I stumbled across the website of a major American news network. On its front page was a day-old photograph of the 28-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Not a typical photograph to appeal to his adoring fans but a disturbing image of his semi-paralysed face (Figure 196.5). I read the accompanying piece and discovered that he has just been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome (Type 2). This is caused by reactivation of the Herpes zoster virus and manifests as ipsilateral (same-side) facial nerve paralysis, along with localized pain and blistering.

Figure 196.5: Yet another mystery? Whether Bieber’s condition resolves completely remains to be seen.

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The obvious question, which any responsible investigator should ask, is: was Bieber’s condition caused by the ‘COVID vaccine’? I would be extremely surprised if it had been caused by anything else. First, Canadian citizens are not permitted to travel if ‘unvaccinated’. Second, there is ample primary, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that Ramsay Hunt syndrome can be caused by the injections (Rodríguez-Martín et al., 2022; Woo et al., 2022). Third, according to VAERS, this syndrome is 160 times more likely following a ‘COVID vaccine’ than for all other (genuine) vaccines combined. The incidence of the syndrome, following ‘COVID vaccination’ is 338 cases per 100,000, compared to 5 per 100,000 when occurring otherwise. Hence, it is 99% probable that the injections caused the condition. It should be noted, also, that Bieber’s 26-year-old wife recently suffered a stroke.

Naturally, when sudden explosions in blood clots, autoimmune hepatitis, facial paralysis and unexplained deaths occur, talking heads from corporate media fall over themselves to insist that all such horrific events are ‘extremely rare’, when the evidence proves that they are anything but.

Meanwhile, in Spain, a complex police investigation has resulted in multiple arrests, following the discovery that nursing staff at Madrid’s Hospital Universitario La Paz have been supplying false ‘COVID vaccination’ certificates to influential people. ‘Operation Jenner,’ named after the British developer of the first smallpox vaccine, Edward Jenner (1749-1823), uncovered 2,200 names of alleged injection-dodgers, all of whom had paid considerable sums of money. Perhaps the most startling revelation was that one such individual, namely José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, is a former Professor of Biochemistry and current president of PharmaMar, one of Spain’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Figure 196.6: What would a Biochemistry Professor know about Biochemistry?

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One does not require Holmesian deduction to figure out the professor’s train of thought. He evidently considered the strong risk of criminal prosecution, public shaming and a jail sentence preferable to receiving two simple injections. To provide some perspective, my own professional network of scientist friends and collaborators is fairly extensive, despite a natural tendency to be relatively unsociable, and none of my ‘tribe’ would even consider these injections, regardless of the degree of coercion applied. The professor, twenty years older than I am, will undoubtedly be even better connected, knowing world-renowned experts who know the truth about the toxicity of the ‘COVID’ drugs. 

A similar, albeit less risky, strategy was adopted several months ago by Pfizer’s current CEO, a Greek veterinarian called Albert Bourla. When travelling to Israel, Bourla was denied entry as he had not been ‘vaccinated’, not even with the ‘safe and effective’ Pfizer version from which he has profited so enormously. His excuse was that he did not wish to jump the queue. Sure, Mr Bourla. How honest and selfless you are.

As George Orwell told us in 1984: everything depends on the proles. The injected masses need to open their eyes and minds, admit their gullibility, if only to themselves, and join the rest of us in spreading the truth about the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated.

This new syndrome is really no mystery at all (Figure 196.7).

Figure 196.7: Two more medics state the obvious.

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